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Bitpowr Offers Blockchain Wallet and Digital Assets Solution focused on Africa

Bitpowr, a comprehensive blockchain wallet and crypto currency solutions company, is pleased to reveal its formal debut after nine months of quiet preparation. Bitpowr is a blockchain-based framework for companies and entities wishing to extend their operations, as well as build, administer, and protect their coin wallets.

Bitpowr provides Wallet API, a comprehensive wallet management platform that allows companies to establish and maintain various kinds of wallets for various blockchains and use cases, as well as Payments API, which allows firms to accept cryptocurrency payments with minimal framework.

Bitpowr uses a variety of cryptosystem tiers including as Multi-Party Computation, Threshold Cryptography, and Nacl Box Public Key Cryptography to create corporate level keyless wallet vaults with high levels of safety, robustness, and availability. Fintech companies who wish to develop exchanges or peer-to-peer platforms may use Bitpowr, as can retail outlets that want to integrate cryptocurrency payment into their payment network and enterprises that want to embrace cryptocurrency as a payment option and administer their resources.

Furthermore, the Bitpowr wallet may be utilized to send and receive cryptocurrency, save, construct an exchange, do cryptocurrency banking, and conduct digital commerce.
Toby Oyetoke, BitPowr CEO and CTO, said “Our objective is to create an AWS for cryptocurrency, where we can fuel any type of company that wants to develop on the blockchain, with a range of facilities to support them.”

Toby learned from his conversations with entrepreneurs that constructing Blockchain network is often time-demanding, capital-laborious, and takes highly qualified Engineers to complete.

“The investment for developing the blockchain is too big.” he disclosed. Furthermore, he said “You’ll require highly competent software or blockchain engineers to design and manage the product, as well as assets to construct the app and the expense of operating and running the nodes (a whole BTC node costs $300-400 per month, whereas BitPowr supports roughly five additional nodes). You must also account for transaction tracking, safety, and other factors. You’ll end up wasting more time implementing the blockchain than creating your offering if you’re a new firm that isn’t earning much cash yet.”

Enterprises that use cryptocurrency end up utilizing up to five distinct APIs in order to reach their goals, but BitPowr has created an all-encompassing customized solution to help these companies grow and develop at a reasonable rate.

There is no set price for BitPowr, however there is a $100 annual maintenance cost. Transaction volume will be used to determine how much of a fee is deducted from a user’s monthly membership to the platform.

When it comes to Africa, Bitpowr has been in defense mode for a few months already, with customers situated in Nigeria and Cameroon.

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