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Bladerite Launches Mobile Version, Paving the Way for Multi-Terminal Web3 Gaming Revolution

Bladerite, a cutting-edge AAA game thriving within the Solana ecosystem, has recently unveiled its mobile rendition, now accessible on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The announcement marks a significant stride for the world’s inaugural Web3 melee battle royale game. Players are immersed in an environment demanding constant exploration, resource gathering, and equipment crafting to secure their survival and claim victory. The PC variant of Bladerite debuted in Q1 2023, and the introduction of the mobile version expands its immersive gaming experience, positioning Bladerite as the pioneering multi-terminal interconnected Web3 AAA game, where both PC and mobile players can engage in the same competitive arena.


Innovative Gameplay and Strategic Collaborations Elevate Bladerite’s Status


Supported by the Solana Foundation and the broader Solana ecosystem, Bladerite seamlessly blends AAA gaming quality with exceptional environmental rendering, a well-balanced economic system, and the excitement of melee combat. This amalgamation allows players to indulge in immersive combat experiences anytime, anywhere. The game’s innovative gameplay model not only provides entertainment but also delivers economic incentives to players. Recognizing its excellence, top Esports Teams like G2 have thrown their support behind Bladerite. In 2023, Bladerite and G2 formed a strategic business alliance, leading to the initiation of a joint Esports Tournament in Q4 2023, drawing over 100,000 participants. Moreover, G2 and Bladerite plan to introduce collaborative game heroes, enhancing the overall gaming adventure.


Genesis Hero NFT Success and Future Plans


Bladerite achieved a significant milestone with the successful release of the Genesis Hero NFT collection. Six collections, totaling 6,000 Genesis Hero NFTs, were launched, with one collection debuting on the Magic Eden Launchpad and five on the official Bladerite website. Priced at an initial 0.5 SOL, all collections were sold out within an impressive 6 hours. Notably, the Death Hero Collection Sethelia, part of the offering, sold out in a mere 10 minutes, underscoring its immense popularity within the player community. Seeds Lab, Bladerite’s publisher, has announced upcoming market activities and product upgrades slated for the first half of 2024, generating anticipation among players, communities, and partners.


Industry Veterans Pioneering Bladerite


Bladerite, a melee-centric battle royale, stands as a creation of industry veterans in game development and accomplished business elites well-versed in economics. The founding team collectively brings an average of 15+ years of entrenched experience, fortified by a proven track record of success within the gaming industry. Not only does the Bladerite team showcase prowess in delivering high-quality AAA products, but they also exhibit intuitive marketing acumen.


Solana and G2 Esports: Pillars of Support


Solana, the blockchain platform underpinning Bladerite, employs a proof-of-stake mechanism to facilitate smart contract functionality, with SOL as its native cryptocurrency. Launched in 2020 by Solana Labs, co-founded by Anatoly Yakovenko and Raj Gokal in 2018, Solana has become a stalwart foundation for Web3 gaming experiences.


G2 Esports, commonly known as G2, plays a pivotal role in Bladerite’s journey. Established in 2014 as Gamers2 and later rebranded in 2015, G2 has evolved into a premier European esports organization. With divisions spanning various competitive games, including League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six: Siege, Valorant, Rocket League, Fortnite, and Sim Racing, G2 has solidified its presence in the esports arena. The League of Legends division notably clinched the LEC championship four times consecutively in 2016-2017 and 2019-2020, securing additional titles, including the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational and the 2022 LEC Spring Split championship.


In conclusion, Bladerite’s foray into the mobile gaming sphere heralds a new era of multi-terminal Web3 gaming, propelled by innovative gameplay, strategic collaborations, and the backing of industry veterans, blockchain technology, and top-tier esports organizations. The gaming community eagerly anticipates the unfolding of market activities and product upgrades promised by Bladerite in the coming months.

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