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BLK DNM Uses Blockchain to Incorporate Recordable Identity to Garments in Physical and Virtual Worlds

The BLK DNM brand has launched the BLK DNM Society, which is a pioneering fashion initiative that incorporates blockchain-based hardware and software into its clothing. A distinct identifier is allocated to every item, which encourages accountable conduct and empowers proprietors with brand leverage. Digital garment IDs serve to authenticate garments, record their history, and eliminate the possibility of forgery. The BLK DNM Society aims to decentralize fashion stewardship by creating a community of proprietors who possess voting rights on brand decisions. The incorporation of the technology will be unveiled at the BLK DNM FW event in Paris, with an initial focus on leather goods. This novel approach aims to transform the dynamic between customers, clothing, and companies.

BLK DNM Society represents a pioneering example of interconnected fashion as it incorporates hardware and software powered by blockchain technology into its merchandise. BLK DNM Society assigns a distinct and traceable identifier to every article of clothing, both in the tangible and digital domains. Additionally, the company offers incentives for ethical conduct and brand advocacy to its customers.

The technology comprises microchips known as “digital garment IDs” that serve to verify the authenticity of garments, thwart the production of counterfeit items, incentivize responsible practices such as prolonged clothing maintenance, and chronicle the distinct background of every individual garment. The upcoming BLK DNM FW event in Paris will feature the introduction of digital garment IDs. These IDs will be embedded in leather items from the first collection. In the future, subsequent collections will incorporate blockchain-enabled technology in the garments to introduce more items to the BLK DNM Society.

The BLK DNM Society is a group of individuals who own BLK DNM products and are united through their physical possessions. Members are incentivized for exhibiting responsible conduct and are given the privilege to vote on significant brand matters, all based on their ownership of BLK DNM items. This approach effectively decentralizes the fashion brand’s governance.

The creation of a “digital reflection” of the physical garment in the virtual world is made possible by the digital garment ID. This digital representation records the position and history of the garment within the BLK DNM Society. The virtual reflection has the potential to be utilized in metaverses, particularly among the younger demographic who place great importance on their virtual personas.

BLK DNM aims to revolutionize individuals’ connections with their attire and the labels they buy by expanding the customer experience beyond the point of sale. The brand seeks to convert each article of clothing into a dynamic piece of history that is continuously progressing.

According to Henrik Hjelte, the CEO and co-founder of ChromaWay, the technology behind the initiative is innovative and futuristic, and it has the potential to revolutionize the fashion industry. In light of the detrimental effects of fast fashion, BLK DNM’s CEO, Toni Collin, underscores the brand’s commitment to fostering a sense of community and promoting sustainability by creating clothing that is intended to be treasured and handed down from one generation to the next.

BLK DNM aims to encourage the fashion industry to adopt connected fashion for a more promising future by integrating smart technology into every garment.

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