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Blockchain-Ads Redefines Digital Advertising with Partisia Blockchain Partnership

In a groundbreaking development, Blockchain-Ads, the innovative solution for Web3 brands seeking targeted audience connections, is poised to make history as the inaugural advertising platform to go live on Partisia Blockchain’s revolutionary blockchain. This strategic partnership is set to revolutionize the advertising industry, providing unparalleled opportunities for Web3 brands to efficiently and effectively reach their target audiences while upholding uncompromising privacy standards.


Addressing Web3 Challenges


The Web3 landscape has long grappled with the challenge of engaging with its desired customer base. Traditional advertising networks often imposed restrictions on crypto-related promotions, leaving numerous brands underserved. Furthermore, existing crypto ad networks struggled to deliver the crucial capability of targeting users based on their on-chain behavior. Brian Gallagher, Co-Founder of Partisia Blockchain, emphasizes the commitment to user-centric ads, holding US patents for blockchain-based targeted advertising. The launch of Blockchain-Ads on Partisia Blockchain signifies a technical milestone and a realization of the founders’ mission to prioritize users in digital advertising and the data economy.


Innovative Technologies for Privacy-Preserving Advertising


In collaboration with Partisia Blockchain, Blockchain-Ads utilizes innovative MPC (Multi-Party Computation) and ZK (Zero-Knowledge) technologies to establish a secure, privacy-preserving, and cost-effective solution. This approach ensures the secure processing of user data while enabling highly targeted advertising campaigns. This marks a monumental shift in digital advertising, preserving user privacy without compromising the integrity of their data.


Mainnet Launch and Decentralization Milestone


Following a successful testnet launch in May, Blockchain-Ads introduced Partisia smart contracts on the mainnet on November 1, 2023. This milestone signifies the formal entry of Blockchain-Ads into the digital advertising arena, presenting a genuinely decentralized alternative to the conventional, centralized advertising industry. The platform, backed by third-party analytics, has demonstrated a tenfold increase in efficiency and effectiveness compared to competitors, providing Web3 brands with an unprecedented opportunity to achieve their advertising goals.


Vision for Disruption and Privacy Redefinition


Vlad Chejkov, Founder of Blockchain-Ads, articulates the mission clearly: to disrupt the conventional advertising industry and usher in a new era of decentralized, privacy-preserving, and cost-effective advertising. The commitment is to redefine privacy and user control in the digital advertising landscape, providing a solution tailored specifically to the needs of Web3 brands.


Invitation to Witness the Future


Blockchain-Ads extends an open invitation to witness the future of digital advertising on Partisia Blockchain’s blockchain. Here, privacy, efficiency, and effectiveness converge in an unprecedented manner, offering a glimpse into the transformative potential of decentralized, user-centric advertising in the Web3 era.

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