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Blockchain-Backed SENATOR Project to Revolutionize Urban Freight Logistics in Europe

The SENATOR project, an initiative in Europe, is aimed at revolutionizing urban planning policies and ensuring efficient last-mile operations in the field of freight logistics. SENATOR, which stands for “Smart Network Operator Platform enabling Shared, Integrated and More Sustainable Urban Freight Logistics,” intends to achieve this by implementing decentralized and transparent approaches. The project, led by Correos, an international consortium, in partnership with Jelurida, aims to utilize blockchain technology to enhance integrated logistics operations and optimize freight delivery services in urban areas throughout the European Union.

The primary objective of SENATOR is to tackle significant urban challenges by minimizing the distance and quantity of freight delivery routes within urban areas. This initiative aims to enhance the efficiency of real-time information, planning, and predictions related to logistics operations. The project aims to address the adverse effects of freight distribution on urban environments and promote collaboration among stakeholders to develop more effective solutions by incorporating freight delivery requirements into urban planning.

European Commission-funded SENATOR project utilizes blockchain technology and smart governance for sustainable last-mile logistics

The Ardor blockchain, developed by Jelurida, plays a pivotal role in the SENATOR solution. It provides bridging capabilities to connect with other blockchains and ensures the traceability of important transactions. This includes the seamless exchange of freight between logistic operators and the monitoring of cold chain variables. In the proof-of-concept stage, a solitary SENATOR Ardor Node will establish a connection with the public Ardor blockchain. This node will be responsible for managing data from all transactions associated with SENATOR services, while also being connected to a centralized database.

In order to address practical considerations and achieve optimal performance, the system places a high priority on transaction throughput and efficiency. This requires the system to be scalable and flexible. SENATOR ID, a digital identity solution, enhances the project’s versatility by accommodating individual users, entities (including IoT objects and vehicles), and legal entities. This adaptability enables the project to effectively cater to a wide range of present and future use cases.

The initial trial of the project is scheduled to occur in Zaragoza, Spain, and Dublin, Ireland, where Urban Living Labs offer valuable opportunities for practical experimentation and testing. Users in these regions will be able to access the services by using a dedicated mobile application and a web-based interface. Additionally, third-party platforms and developers have the option to utilize the solutions through a native API. The ongoing development of the SENATOR project has the capacity to bring about a significant transformation in urban freight logistics across Europe. This has the potential to create a more sustainable and secure environment for last-mile operations.

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