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Blockchain Firm HealthGo Inc. Aims to Extend Healthcare Services to 10 Million Nigerians in a Decade

HealthGo Inc., Africa’s leading health-tech solution, is poised to make quality, affordable, and expedited healthcare assistance accessible to a substantial portion of Nigeria’s population. Through a combination of blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), HealthGo Inc. is connecting users with healthcare providers, allowing them to access healthcare services without leaving their homes. The CEO of HealthGo, Mr. DivineGift Soetan, made this significant announcement during the launch of the HealthGo App, an innovative platform that provides access to healthcare professionals, diagnostic services, pharmaceutical services, and telemedicine, all from the comfort of one’s residence.


A Vision for the Future


Mr. DivineGift Soetan emphasized the company’s dedication and strategic collaborations with experienced diagnostic services, pharmaceutical firms, and medical experts who share their vision of providing accessible and affordable healthcare to all. He articulated the company’s ambition to make healthcare services available to 10 million Nigerians within a decade.


A Tailored Approach


To achieve this ambitious goal, HealthGo Inc. has devised a unique go-to-market strategy designed specifically for reaching 10 million Nigerians in ten years. This strategy leverages the strengths of various stakeholders in the healthcare industry and harnesses the power of innovative technology.


The Kredit by HealthGo Program


One of HealthGo’s notable initiatives is the Kredit by HealthGo program. This program seeks to address the challenges of healthcare accessibility in Nigeria. It is designed to support Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the pharmaceutical sector, offering them guidance and technical expertise to strengthen their businesses. Additionally, this program provides access to a credit funding scheme, with a target of empowering at least 10,000 SMEs and pharmacists within the next two years.


Closing the Gap in Healthcare


The core objective of HealthGo Inc. is to bridge the gap between patients and medical services, utilizing technology to enhance the availability and accessibility of healthcare services and facilities. The company is committed to aligning its efforts with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3, which aims to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages by 2030. HealthGo has taken on the responsibility of fostering relationships between patients and healthcare service providers in Nigeria, thereby reducing disparities in the quality and affordability of healthcare services.


Universal Health Coverage


The company is also actively engaged in collaborating with relevant groups to achieve universal health coverage, providing safe and cost-effective healthcare services. This endeavor is expected to have a substantial and positive impact on the overall health and well-being of the Nigerian population.


Partnerships and Reach


In an interview with the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Mrs. Olabisi Folorunso, she discussed the HealthGo partnership program. This program opens doors for individuals, small businesses, large conglomerates, healthcare professionals, and non-healthcare personnel to partner with HealthGo on behalf of their users and networks. This partnership approach is anticipated to play a pivotal role in rapidly expanding the user base and reaching more individuals efficiently.


Targeting the Youth


HealthGo is also mindful of the youth and has implemented strategies to engage them effectively through various platforms and networks. Recognizing the importance of reaching all segments of the population, the company is committed to tailoring its approach to suit the needs of different demographics.


A Transformative Health-Tech Solution


HealthGo Inc. represents a transformative force in the healthcare landscape of Nigeria. With the increasing demand for innovative healthcare solutions, HealthGo has positioned itself as a global portal for comprehensive healthcare assistance, encompassing telehealth, e-health education, e-commerce of healthcare products and services, and a health record system, all underpinned by blockchain technology. Through these advancements, HealthGo connects patients with healthcare providers, making healthcare more accessible and convenient, particularly in the context of today’s digital age.

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