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Blockchain Gaming App Stepn Integrates Apple Pay

STEPN, a widely-used Web3 application for earning rewards, has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first blockchain-based gaming platform to incorporate Apple Pay into its system. The integration facilitates the acquisition of in-app STEPN products and enhancements through Apple Pay in a manner that is both uncomplicated and secure for users. By connecting their bank card to Apple Wallet, users can carry out transactions without the requirement of a cryptocurrency wallet.

Customers acquire a non-fungible token (NFT) representing a virtual sneaker, synchronize it with their mobile device, and earn incentives for engaging in physical activities such as walking, jogging, or running. STEPN was the inaugural mobile application that enabled users to earn rewards through their actions, and it was made available on the App Store. Since its establishment in 2021, STEPN has swiftly emerged as one of the most sought-after Web3 applications, boasting a thriving community that attracts between two to three million active users each month.

The process of adding a credit or debit card to Apple Wallet on an iPhone can greatly streamline payment procedures, making it easier to access products and services while eliminating time-consuming obstacles like the need to connect a cryptocurrency wallet. Consequently, the card details of users are not retained within a solitary application, leading to heightened security.

According to Yawn Rong, one of the Co-Founders of Find Satoshi Lab (FSL), the Web3 development studio responsible for STEPN, this integration represents a significant opportunity to expand their reach and make Web3 technology more widely available. Additionally, this integration will bridge Web2 and Web3 technology in a novel way, which is a noteworthy achievement. This development represents a significant milestone in the integration of these technologies, and we have a high level of assurance that it will serve as a pivotal moment in the onboarding of the subsequent 100 million Web3 users. Our team’s capability to achieve this task is assured, given our track record of scaling from thousands to millions of daily active consumers in the past. We are immensely proud at this moment and express our gratitude for the support extended by Apple.

According to Jerry Huang, who is the Co-Founder of Find Satoshi Lab (FSL), the STEP N application was the initial move-and-earn platform that was made available on the App Store. In just over a year, we have successfully launched exceptional products, welcomed millions of users, and fostered a highly dedicated community. Our achievements are entirely attributed to their invaluable support and contributions. Through the integration of Apple Pay, we aim to enhance the user experience, eliminate obstacles for those interested in participating in move&earn, and facilitate the mainstream adoption of the Web3 space. We are thrilled to witness the impact that this integration will bring to the Web3 ecosystem at large, and we anticipate that this will be the initial of numerous such integrations.

STEPN has recently launched the New Horizon Initiative as part of its ongoing efforts to give back to the community. Recipients of the STEPN Genesis footwear, which is considered the scarcest NFT footwear available on the app, were granted an airdrop of approximately 80 million $GMT worth of FSL ecosystem tokens. STEPN has recently partnered with Atlético Madrid to launch their inaugural co-branded footwear line that offers tangible advantages. In the latter part of 2022, STEPN entered into a collaboration with ASICS and Solana Pay to produce a highly successful limited-edition line of physical footwear.

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