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Blockchain Gaming Firm Splinterlands Records Monumental Growth

Splinterlands, a blockchain-based game company, has seen explosive growth in July. Splinterlands has seen an increase in the amount of new subscribers that join every day, among other things. Splinterlands experienced a 10X increase in daily subscriptions, as per its report.

Previously, the popular blockchain game had almost 500 registrations each day at the start of July. Splinterlands, on the other hand, is seeing substantial growth, with daily enrollments rising to more than 5,000 in August.

This is amazing success for Splinterlands, which only took three years to reach 100,000 members. As of August 1st, the business boasted upwards of 200,000 users. The rise represents a substantial gain in less than a month and a half, with the count of users on the network more than doubling.

Furthermore, Splinterlands witnessed an increase in Spellbook sales on the first of August. On that one day, the popular blockchain game recorded sales of Spellbook that was higher than the aggregate sales in June.

The amount of transactions made on that particular day is almost equal to the total number of orders placed between November 2020 and February 2021. Furthermore, the business has difficulty to market Spellbook, with buys totaling 25,000 between May 2018 and June 2021. Buying have now surpassed 50,000.

Splinterlands also said that land prices had risen from $10 to $20 per parcel to upwards of $180. Furthermore, Splinterlands’ Guild system is growing, with 380 recognized Guilds representing 25 various languages and a wide range of ability levels. Brawls are also having an impression, with a second edition due very shortly.

In other positive development, the overall expansion of Splinterlands benefits long-term participants of the games industry. The worth of Splinterlands’ assets is increasing as the company grows. The aggregate market cap of all cards held by Splinterlands players has risen to around $111,793,824. As a result, cardholders may now brag about an increase in the secondary market price of their cards.

Furthermore, the value of regular foil common cards has risen. Prior to the surge, low-level cards were just under 10 cents. Nevertheless, the prices of the lowest five cards on the market right today, which includes Wave Runner, have more than quadrupled in the last month. Warrior of Peace, Magma Troll, Kobald Bruiser, and Marrow’s Ghost owners benefited from a $150,000 rise in during past four weeks.

For new entrants looking to become a member of the Splinterlands community, the rental market is open. Splinterlands offers over 135,000 active rentals, and newcomers may choose from over 700 different card kinds. Other advantages await new entrants in the rental sector, such as reduced rates. Staking has also been added to the platform, enabling SPS tokens to increase their influence while also earning additional money.

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