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Blockchain Intelligence Group Secures $150,000 Forensics Deal with Foreign Government Agency

In a significant move aimed at bolstering its position in the ever-evolving digital landscape, BIGG Digital Assets Inc. (CSE: BIGG, OTCQX: BBKCF) announced that its subsidiary, Blockchain Intelligence Group, has entered into a one-year blockchain forensics agreement with an undisclosed foreign government agency and a law enforcement organization. This strategic partnership, worth USD$150,000, holds the potential to not only strengthen the company’s revenue streams but also pave the way for global expansion.


A Confidential Deal:

The Canadian-based company, BIGG Digital Assets Inc., remained tight-lipped about the identity of the foreign government agency and the law enforcement organization, citing the need for confidentiality.


Empowering Foreign Law Enforcement:

Under the terms of this contract, Blockchain Intelligence Group has provided its cutting-edge blockchain analytics solution, known as QLUE, to the foreign government agency. QLUE, an acronym for “Qualitative Law Enforcement Unified Edge,” is a blockchain analytics tool developed by the subsidiary to assist law enforcement agencies and government bodies in investigating and resolving cryptocurrency-related cases. It enables the tracking of cryptocurrency transactions across various wallets and addresses along the blockchain, enhancing digital forensic capabilities.


Supporting Law Enforcement Efforts:

The implementation of QLUE is expected to streamline investigations, ensuring swift and cost-effective resolutions to cryptocurrency-related cases. The success of the contract is attributed to the continuous development and enhancement of QLUE, aimed at its readiness for future growth. Blockchain Intelligence Group’s goal is to establish similar partnerships worldwide, providing law enforcement and government agencies with competitive and reliable solutions.


Extensive Coverage:

QLUE currently covers over 1 million digital assets on multiple blockchain networks, including those predominantly utilized by illicit actors. Furthermore, the company offers certified investigator training and support to its clients, enabling them to effectively harness blockchain technology and maximize the potential of QLUE in solving cases. Emphasizing compliance with legal and regulatory standards is a priority for the company, ensuring the admissibility of QLUE’s findings in court.


Global Expansion and Digital Asset Protection:

The company is actively pursuing its global expansion strategy, seeking to broaden the reach of QLUE to a wider audience. This development comes at a crucial juncture in the digital landscape, where safeguarding digital assets and prosecuting cybercriminals is of paramount importance.


Challenges in the Cryptocurrency Landscape:

In recent times, the cryptocurrency and online scam landscape has faced unprecedented challenges. Several prominent firms, including Celsius, Three Arrows Capital, and FTX, have been embroiled in allegations of fraud, making it a tumultuous period in cryptocurrency history.


FBI’s Alarming Report:

Adding to these institutional struggles, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reported staggering losses of over $10 billion from online scams in 2022. This marked the highest annual loss in the last five years, according to a report released by the bureau in March. The report encompassed a wide range of fraud complaints, from marketing scams to ransomware attacks, providing a metric for measuring the economic cost of hacking and other schemes to the American economy.


Ransomware Extortion:

The report also shed light on the alarming fact that hackers executed 87 attacks using a popular ransomware variant known as Hive in the previous year. The bureau managed to seize the computer infrastructure of Hive operatives, but not before hackers affiliated with the ransomware extorted over $100 million from hospitals, schools, and numerous victims worldwide.


The Crucial Role of Blockchain Forensics:

In a digital landscape that continually evolves, the significance of blockchain forensics cannot be underestimated. The partnership between BIGG Digital Assets Inc.’s subsidiary, Blockchain Intelligence Group, and the undisclosed foreign government agency and law enforcement organization is a testament to the growing need for cutting-edge solutions to combat cybercrime and ensure the security of digital assets.



As the cryptocurrency industry faces mounting challenges, the collaboration between Blockchain Intelligence Group and its undisclosed partners is a significant step toward enhancing digital security and forensic capabilities. While the identity of the foreign government agency and the law enforcement organization remains confidential, the impact of this strategic alliance on the fight against cybercrime is bound to be substantial. Blockchain forensics continues to be a critical tool in safeguarding digital assets and prosecuting those who seek to exploit the digital landscape for illicit gains.

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