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Blockchain Laboratories Partners Intrinsic Methods To Develop Carbon Credit Registry

Blockchain Labs is pleased to introduce its collaboration with Intrinsic Methods to promote global afforestation and replanting initiatives. Enabling tokenization of carbon credit on the XRP Network. The XRP Leger was the initial layer1 blockchain platform that was carbon neutral, and releasing carbon credits on XRPL will offer unprecedented openness, responsibility, and volume to the carbon credit markets.

Utilizing blockchain solutions for global climate efforts enables offset purchasers to more accurately check and evaluate carbon credits, exchange them with greater liquidity, and retire/claim them for Sustainability reporting with auditable documents on Distributed Ledger Technology. Utilizing DLT and tokenization, several of the transparency issues that currently plague carbon markets are addressed. James Duggan, CEO of Intrinsic Methods, stated that the company intends to establish higher expectations for volunteer CO2 credits and the return on investment the offsets provide to purchasers and the local areas from which they originate.

Growing billions to trillions of plants around the globe would provide the most affordable and efficient solution to the problem of climate change. Scientists think that the large quantity of carbon dioxide that trees ingest adds to global warming. A global effort to grow plants would eliminate the danger posed by carbon gases. Additionally, it is essential to note that plants create the air we all require to live. The only option for carbon elimination that generates oxygen as a byproduct of CO2 storage is plant life.

“This novel quantified assessment demonstrates that [forest] regeneration is not only one of our global warming answers, but by far the most effective,” said Prof. Tom Crowther of the Swiss institution ETH Zürich, who directed the study.

“What boggles my imagination is the magnitude. I expected repair to be among the top 10, but it is significantly more effective than any of the other suggested global warming remedies.”

Many companies from around the globe have joined’s efforts to organize a worldwide campaign to preserve, rehabilitate, and plant 1 trillion trees by 2030. was established to assist the UN Decade on Ecosystem Reconstruction as a portion of the World Economic Forum’s attempts to advance natural remedies.

However, carbon markets are unable to meet the need for top-notch, provable carbon reductions due to liquidity constraints and a lengthy time to market. To achieve climate objectives on a worldwide scale, carbon markets need improved methods for project authentication and credit issuing; increased openness in pricing and market information; and better framework for both customers and sellers.

Blockchain Laboratories is a web3 esg venture studio that has been operating on climate & biodiversity solutions such as Carbonland Trust, and has been trialing with methods to capitalize the characteristics of openness, variations, and scalability of the XRP Ledger to resolve some of the carbon market’s greatest hurdles.

Blockchain Labs and Intrinsic Methods are currently planning to debut the Intrinsic Methods Archive on XRPL. Intrinsic Methods will be utilizing web3 SaaS to release and maintain a market for Future Mitigated Units (carbon credits) generated by Ecological Projects performing replanting or afforestation activity with RootMaker plants.

In the past century, the world has experienced massive destruction, and we’ve missed a large proportion of trees and wildlife. In addition to eliminating carbon dioxide from the environment, trees also create the oxygen we all need to breathe. Without action, many of the areas deforested in the past still stay without woods, and at the rate woods are being chopped down today without widespread replanting attempts everybody will endure.

“It is evident that deforestation has increased significantly over the past century. In slightly more than a century, the globe lost as much woodland as it had in the preceding 9,000 years.” Hannah Ritchie and Max Roser,

Natural Procedures Carbon Credit Registry will provide brands that have committed NetZero or carbon neutrality or other obligations such as with a method for buying offsets that they can be confident are promoting the best quality reforestation initiatives worldwide, as well as offering jobs and other financial advantages to the domestic economy.

Blockchain Labs is assisting Intrinsic Methods in the creation of trees for future generations by employing cutting-edge technologies that enhance confidence and openness.

“I am so thrilled about collaborating with Intrinsic Methods to deliver to market one among environment positive carbon certificates that employs carbon neutral technology” states Boone Bergsma, President of Blockchain Labs.

Boone will be addressing at Sussex global technology for effect and climate change summit March 15th, 2023 in Dubai, and will be sharing the work Blockchain Labs has been carrying out on Sustainable digital assets.

On NetCapital, Blockchain Labs is conducting a Controlled Crowdfunding campaign. Anybody can purchase shares/equity in blockchain labs for as low as $99. The business is looking to collect $500,000 to fund product enhancements and expand its client base.


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