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Blockchain Sui Chosen by BlueJay To Launch Web3 Arcade Game

Mysten Labs, a vendor of Web 3 services and the developer of the Sui Layer 1 blockchain, has entered into a partnership with BlueJay Games. The video game publisher will deploy its Web3 game – Arcade Champion – for smartphones and on the Sui blockchain as a consequence of this partnership.

BlueJay Games is a notable video game creation studio headquartered in Texas. The horizontal scaling capability of Sui, on the contrary, enables it to facilitate the creation of an array of dApps at high speed at a low expense. It was designed from the bottom up to provide developers with the resources they require to build interactions for the millions of users of the third iteration of the web.

The Sui blockchain was designed with gaming, quickness, as well as effectiveness in consideration boasting the ability to modify, evolve, and merge NFTs. When Sui’s mainnet launches, Arcade Champion will also launch. The game’s P2W abilities and NFT protagonists will be immediately accessible. Arcade Champion’s game is a contemporary spin on conventional arcade titles.

The game incorporates conventional minigames for single or multiple players in an atmosphere of competition with novel elements such as non-fungible tokens and play-to-own features. It utilizes a hero-based framework, with NFTs symbolizing the distinct protagonists of each participant. These non-game-objects are essential in both single-player and two-player styles, enabling players to accumulate more rewards and tokens on their path to arcade dominance. They are upgradable, tradeable, and fusible.

Arcade Champion will have accessibility to the latest technologies as a result of the incorporation of Sui’s on-chain object as well as information retention, NFT-supportive design, and customizable user-generated content assistance. The objective is to provide players with a feeling of full involvement in the video game they are playing. Move is the fundamental programming language for Sui’s gaming framework, allowing it to offer users with a charming, fun-centered gameplay experience.

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