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Blockchain System eCredits Rolls out eVault Reward Program

eVault is a novel service that allows eCredits users to receive incentives for retaining their eCredits (ECS) on the platform for a defined time of one year. eCredits is a decentralized, blockchain-powered network that empowers domestic firms and democratizes the manner in which ordinary dealings occur.

eVault is intended to facilitate the growth of eCredits by guaranteeing that network members independently verify and protect network dealings. Users must download and enroll on the eCredits eWallet App, which is accessible on the App Store and Google Play, in order to utilize eVault.

Bernhard Blaha, chief executive officer of The People’s SCE, remarked: “With the introduction of eVault, we are offering customers guaranteed incentives as an alternative to typical savings accounts with low rates of return and little perks. Driven by the decentralized public blockchain of eCredits, eVaulted monies are safe, protected, and unaltered. This innovative feature allows us to significantly strengthen our network by onboarding additional members committed to constructing a sustainable, inclusive, and people-driven economy.”

eVault enables customers to freeze their eCredits (ECS) for a year and earn a return of two, three, or even six percent of their deposited assets through a safe smart contract, based on their subscription level. Free eVault members get a 2% yearly incentive, while Gold and Platinum subscribers enjoy 3% and 6% annual benefits, respectively. The annual membership fees for Gold and Platinum subscriptions are €80 (EUR) and €499 (EUR), respectively.

“At eCredits, we are developing money for common usage. We are incorporating decentralized money into daily living, including purchases, incentives, and savings. We anticipate introducing additional features and developing the eCredits Ecosystem in the next year “said Bernhard Blaha.

eVault is driven by The People’s SCE, a Decentralized Governance Organization (DGO), which enables SMEs and customers to participate in strategic planning inside the eCredits Ecosystem.


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