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Blockchain Wire Now Accepts SHIB Tokens for Press Release Services

Alpha Transform Holdings subsidiary company, Blockchain Wire, a prominent press release distribution service specializing in disseminating news related to blockchain and cryptocurrency ventures, has unveiled an exciting development. The company has integrated SHIB tokens as an accepted form of payment for its extensive range of services.

Blockchain Wire: Pioneering Blockchain and Crypto News Distribution:

Blockchain Wire occupies a leading position in the domain of press release distribution, particularly for news pertaining to blockchain and cryptocurrency projects and businesses. Its extensive network ensures the dissemination of news to diverse audiences through various channels, including broadcast and online media outlets, social media platforms, trade publications, influential blogs, industry thought leaders, and discerning investors.


Michael Shuler’s Perspective:

Michael Shuler, CEO of Blockchain Wire, conveyed his enthusiasm for this integration. He remarked that SHIB tokens have gained substantial traction among both existing and potential clients. He cited the recent launch and bridge of Shibarium as a compelling reason for Blockchain Wire to embrace this widely utilized token. SHIB boasts a growing base of token holders and a rapidly evolving layer-2 network, making it a logical choice for inclusion.

Blockchain Wire: A Beacon of Excellence:

Blockchain Wire is renowned for delivering exceptional value within the industry. Drawing upon decades of experience in the newswire sector, the company places a strong emphasis on precision distribution, user-friendly interfaces, extensive partnership integrations, and a dedicated client support team. These elements collectively contribute to Blockchain Wire’s standing as a service provider without parallel in its field.

Empowering Blockchain and Crypto Ventures:

With a mission to facilitate news distribution for over 1,800 blockchain and crypto-specific companies, Blockchain Wire serves as the conduit for their updates. These updates not only reach prominent traditional media outlets but also a distinctive array of blockchain and crypto-centric platforms, blogs, and end-users spanning the globe.

Diverse Payment Options:

In addition to embracing SHIB tokens, Blockchain Wire is open to receiving payments in several other cryptocurrencies. Clients can make use of BTC, ETH, BTCH, Doge, LTC, Matic, USDC, and USDT as alternative methods of payment. This diverse array of payment options underscores Blockchain Wire’s commitment to accommodating the preferences of its valued clientele.


Blockchain Wire’s decision to integrate SHIB tokens as a form of payment reflects the company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. As a trusted partner for news distribution, Blockchain Wire continues to empower blockchain and crypto ventures by providing them with a platform to reach diverse audiences across the global media landscape. This strategic move to accept SHIB tokens, along with other cryptocurrencies, enhances the flexibility and convenience available to its clients, further solidifying its position as a leader in its field.

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