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Bluzella To Conduct Stress Trial of Network Offering Edge Computing & DLT Benefits

Bluzella (BLZ), a venture working on hosting decentralized interchain data, formally revealed the roll out of its mainnet, which intends to bring together the advantages of edge computing and distributed ledger technology.

Bluezelle will carry out a network stress trial, referred to as “Swarm of Duty”, and will carry a reward of $30,000 worth tokens for validators and programmers.

The firm states that the trial is “the last step before Bluzelle’s mainnet launches” and is intended to assure that the network can withstand real world use.

Bluzelle’s group asserts that its technology permits decentralized apps (DApps) on any blockchain to save and access its info in a safe and distributed way.

As per the announcement, this avoids the DApp’s dependence on centralized info storage framework which could act as the epicenter of breakdown.

“Transitioning to decentralized storage enables DApps to provision censorship-resistant content while making them more resilient to attack.”

The network segregates its nodes into clusters called “swarms” which can be premised on geographical location, nature or kind of task. This supposedly permits the network to make use of the bandwidth and delay benefits, which is characteristic of edge computing platforms.

Edge computing is a variant of cloud based data processing that has servers distributed throughout the world with the purpose of connecting clients to servers located closer to them, rather than connecting to a centralized server. Bluzelle’s CEO and co-founder Pavel Bains detailed as follows:

“A swarm is a collection of nodes all working together for consensus. [This means] that we don’t require system-wide consensus. So we can have a swarm that does validation for Asia. Let’s say there are 30 nodes in that swarm. Let’s say traffic builds up and we decide ‘let’s have a swarm just for Japan’. We can launch that easily. […] The advantage we get is ensuring fast speeds for transactions and scalability.”

Bains states that he trust the strategy offering benefits over contenders, for instance IPFS:

“With members of the public being able to run edge replica nodes that can serve out Bluzelle’s service requests, all the advantages of edge computing can be met. In fact, with the success of the Bluzelle crypto-economic system, Bluzelle will be able to bring edge computing far closer to the consumer than any traditional edge computing system has been capable of.”

Bluezelle states that the completion of latest consensus engine upgrade transformed it as the initial database to utilize the inter-blockchain system Cosmos (ATOM) and its Tendermint consensus covenant.

Bains stated that utilizing the technology paves way for network scalability, support for Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and interchangeability with other blockchains. Bains detailed that crypto-economic awards guarantee availability of information i.e. clients pay transaction fee while leveraging on info storage and include data amendments, encourages validators to carryout network administration:

“[Validators] need to stake tokens to participate and if they don’t meet the standards, they are slashed and lose their stake. This keeps the loop going. […] Validators can earn BLZ for good behavior while tokens can be taken away for bad behavior. Also, BLZ holders can choose to be delegators.”

Blockchain’s trustworthiness and censor defiance are characteristics that may wish to realize in other sectors. Notably, a real-world application study in January identified data storage domain as one business where firms are working to develop solutions that can safeguard info while offering benefits of blockchain technology.

Nevertheless, several blockchain-powered data storage platforms offer safety but allow unpermissioned access of data by any individual or organization.

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