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Market NewsDecember 27, 2023 by Kelly Cromley

BONK Token Frenzy: Solana Saga Phones Transform from Flop to Phenomenon

In an unexpected turn of events, the Solana Saga phone, initially met with a lukewarm reception in the market, has undergone a remarkable transformation into a highly sought-after commodity, fueled by the surge in the meme coin, BONK. This unforeseen surge in demand, driven by the promise of a token airdrop accompanying each phone purchase, has not only generated fervent interest in the device but has also brought about unanticipated challenges.

Origins of the Saga Phone:

Originally introduced as a web3 smartphone project by Solana Labs, the Saga phone operates on Solana’s Mobile Stack (SMS), an open-source toolkit tailored for Android. It facilitates the use of native Android web3 apps on Solana, boasting compatibility with various wallets and DeFi apps, including Phantom, Solflare, Ledger, Squads,, Jupiter, and Mango. Additionally, the device supports NFT access through apps like Nokiamon, Minty Fresh, and TIEXO.

Initial Reception and Transformation:

Despite these innovative features, the Saga phone faced a lackluster reception upon its release in April 2023, labeled by tech reviewers, including popular YouTuber MKBHD, as the “Bust of the Year” for its high price and limited mainstream appeal. However, the narrative has dramatically shifted with the emergence of the BONK token. This meme coin, part of a 30 million token airdrop for Saga owners, experienced an unprecedented 386% surge in the past month, triggering a sudden surge in Saga phone sales, with reports indicating a tenfold increase in just a few days.

Unexpected Uptick in Sales:

The BONK mania ensued as traders recognized the token’s value surpassing the phone’s cost at $600. With BONK’s price soaring, Saga phones quickly sold out in the US and Europe, transforming the once-overlooked device into a highly coveted item. Buyers eagerly anticipated the airdrop windfall associated with their phone purchases.

Price Surge and Resale Opportunities:

This unexpected popularity of the Saga phone, driven by the BONK frenzy, resulted in a surge in the meme coin’s value. Buyers, eyeing potential profits, turned to resale platforms like eBay, where Saga phones were listed for as much as $5,000 – more than eight times the retail cost.

Inventory Management Issues:

However, the euphoria surrounding BONK and the Saga phone did not come without its challenges. Solana Labs faced inventory management problems, leading to overselling issues. Some orders had to be canceled due to inaccurate representations of available units. Solana Labs promptly addressed the situation, issuing refunds and expressing apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Solana Co-founder’s Perspective:

Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko acknowledged the unexpected turn of events, emphasizing the positive aspects of the Saga phone as an “NFT phone.” The company embraced the “Bust of the Year” designation, turning it into a viral marketing opportunity with NFT collections and trophy requests.

Capitalizing on BONK Craze:

As the BONK-driven craze persists, other Solana-based projects are seizing the opportunity within the Saga ecosystem. Several projects have announced additional airdrops and incentives for users of the Saga phone, further capitalizing on the newfound popularity of this transformative device.

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