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Bosch Partners With IOTA to Introduce New System for IoT Data Collection

A tweet from Bosch reveals that the Engineering and electronics firm has collaborated with IOTA to incorporate its recent information collection Internet of Things (IoT) device with the decentralized Data Marketplace of IOTA.

The IOTA Marketplace is a decentralized information marketplace where parties can trade right of entry to functional information streams, using MAM (Masked Authenticated Messaging). Per a post on Bosch’s blog, MAM is a second-layer information communication covenant that permits information to be shared peer-to-peer safely via a scrambled channel. Information subscribers can in this way “trust the source and integrity of data even though the identity of the source is masked,” as the blog post explains.

Bosch’s latest network device, Bosch XDK (Cross Domain Development Kit) is portrayed as a “a programmable sensor device and Internet of Things prototyping platform,” which also works as a sensor node system. The device supposedly combines numerous sensor, information storage and network innovations so that clients with different levels of programming skills can collect information real-time and put up for sale on the Iota marketplace.

As Bosch observes, earlier there has been absolutely no freely available (open source) code for developers to link Bosch XDK and the IOTA “Tangle,” which is the term provided to the framework of IOTA’s protocol. Tangle is discrete from blockchain, in that it does not employ “blocks” or mining, but to a certain extent built over a directed acyclic graph (DAG), a topologically well-organized system in which numerous types of exchanges run on dissimilar chains in the network at the same time.

Alongside the XDK tool, the “XDK2MAM” advancement group has therefore presently made the open source code accessible for the IOTA community, to make possible communication connecting the hardware and Tangle.

As detailed late August, Japanese ICT firm Fujitsu reported the beginning of an IOTA-based proof-of-concept (PoC) for audit tracking procedures in the manufacturing sector. The firm is supposedly looking to employ the IOTA protocol as an “immutable data storage medium” for audit trails over “industrial production environments and supply chains.”

In June, IOTA and Volkswagen illustrated a PoC that employs IOTA’s Tangle system for self-driving cars, allowing Volkswagen to employ Tangle to shift software upgrades “over-the-air” as portion of the car manufacturer’s latest “Connected Car” systems. Only a week before, the IOTA foundation reported it would be combining IOTA token MIOTA with Ledger’s hardware wallets. At the time of writing this article, MIOTA is trading at $0.48, down 0.4% over the 24-hour period.

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