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Brave Is The Default Browser On HTC’s Crypto-phone, Exodus 1

HTC has announced that it would be using the ad-blocking web browser Brave as the default for surfing the net. However, the company has clarified that it will be made available only on the HTC Exodus 1 model, which is primarily introduced to satisfy the needs of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The partnership was revealed through a tweet by Brendan Eich, CEO of Brave and co-founder of Brave and Mozilla, the developer behind Firefox.

Brave team has declined to reveal the terms of the partnership.

However, it looks as if the partnership will play an important role in promoting browsers that result in revenue generation on the basis of traffic sent to the search engines.

Notably, Google does not share its search revenue generated when a person uses Chrome browser, which is the only browser offered on several Android phones.

The Exodus 1 has been structured to function in a seamless manner with a range of cryptos and their related underlying blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum chain and Dfinity, according to “decentralized chief officer” of HTC, Phil Chen.

His title is an acknowledgement to cryptos founding principles which states that transaction processing can be completed with a web of computers functioning independently of centralized organizations such as banks.

This idea attracted so- called cryptoanarchists who are skeptical about banks and governments. And for a while, it attracted a wider population excited by the rising value of Bitcoin. This mainstream excitation has evaporated with Bitcoin’s value. Today a Bitcoin trades at $3,450, down $15,040 a year ago.

Brave uses the crypto foundations to account for the payment of an online advertising system it develops. Soon after the trial began this year, its basic attention token (BAT) was used to remit payments from advertisers to Brave and Brave users who signed up for the system. The firm also intends to enter into partnerships with publishers to send payments from advertisers to Brave, publishers, and Brave users.

BAT’s Brave Rewards disbursement system already permits Brave users to finance the websites they visit, as well as YouTubers and Twitch video game streamers. Brave gives Bat to clients of the browser to fund these contributions. These publishers must record with the Brave system to get Bat payments, after which they can exchange Bat to conventional money.

Brave wants BAT to be a “utility token” instead of a general-purpose crypto, but interested investors and speculators can purchase BAT on crypto exchanges. Similar to Bitcoin, BAT’s value hasn’t fallen sharply. It has dropped to $0.14, from $0.17 a year ago.

Brave has disclosed that it has about 4.7 million users on Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux devices.

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