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Bullet Blockchain Expands Bitcoin ATM Network in South Florida

Blockchain and SaaS company Bullet Blockchain, Inc. (OTC: BULT) has achieved a significant milestone with the successful acquisition of 40 Bitcoin ATMs in South Florida, marking a strategic move in its planned expansion and branding efforts. The purchase aligns with BULT’s commitment to innovation in the dynamic digital currency landscape.


Strategic Acquisition in South Florida


In a recent development, Bullet Blockchain, Inc. has solidified its position in the market with the acquisition of a network comprising 40 Bitcoin ATMs situated in South Florida. This strategic move is part of the company’s broader expansion plan, underscoring its dedication to remaining at the forefront of blockchain and Bitcoin ATM technologies.


CEO Simon Rubin’s Perspective


Simon Rubin, Chief Executive Officer of BULT, emphasized the significance of the South Florida market within the company’s overarching strategy. In indirect speech, he expressed, “South Florida holds strategic importance for us, being a vital component of our overall plan. With a presence now in two states, we are poised for rapid expansion.” Rubin also alluded to the completion of a recent transaction, wherein BULT acquired a portfolio of Bitcoin ATMs and successfully deployed 10 licensed Bitcoin ATMs across Georgia as the initial phase of their planned expansion and branding initiative.


Expanding Presence and Opportunities in 2024


Rubin conveyed the company’s optimistic outlook, stating, “We believe that the year 2024 presents a significant opportunity for Bullet Blockchain and our shareholders.” This perspective aligns with BULT’s broader vision of staying ahead in the swiftly evolving digital currency sector.


Licensing Programs for Operators and Manufacturers


Bullet Blockchain continues to actively pursue licensing programs for operators and manufacturers, offering options such as per-transaction licensing fees, revenue sharing, and partner programs involving the utilization of BULT’s intellectual property. The company had earlier acquired First Bitcoin Capital LLC, which possessed a valuable intellectual property portfolio, including rights to two Bitcoin ATM patents. BULT, through its subsidiary, holds exclusive rights to US Patent Nos. US9135787B1 and US10332205B1, integral to the operation of Bitcoin ATM networks. The company has engaged legal representation to target unlicensed Bitcoin ATM operators and manufacturers, safeguarding its intellectual property.


Forward Momentum and Vigilance Against Violations


With the successful expansion into South Florida and the acquisition of key patents, Bullet Blockchain remains committed to advancing its position in the digital currency domain. The company’s proactive stance against unlicensed Bitcoin ATM operators and manufacturers reflects its dedication to protecting its intellectual property portfolio. BULT’s trajectory indicates a strong push towards leadership in the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain and Bitcoin ATM technologies.




Bullet Blockchain’s recent acquisition of 40 Bitcoin ATMs in South Florida signals a pivotal moment in the company’s growth strategy. With a focus on innovation, licensing programs, and intellectual property protection, BULT positions itself as a key player in the dynamic realm of digital currency. The strategic expansion into South Florida, combined with its earlier successes in Georgia, underscores Bullet Blockchain’s commitment to staying at the forefront of blockchain and Bitcoin ATM technologies.

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