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BULLZ Partners LAYER15 to Promote Sustainable Web3 Projects

Cooperation has been established between Layer15, a Web3 marketing firm that focuses on steady, long-term development, and BULLZ, a pioneer in the Web3 social platform and growth marketing sector. As a result of BULLZ’s partnership with Layer15, its Web3 partners RLTY, Sovereign Dao, The Lost Wallet, One37PM, and Zelus will have additional opportunities. In this strategic alliance, BULLZ, which helps more than 60k content creators monetize their work, will play a key role. The Layer15 partners and the BULLZ community of artists will work together to produce compelling content campaigns, advancing community-driven marketing and opening up new possibilities for both businesses.

By enabling artists to be paid for their video recommendations for blockchain, NFT, DeFi, and DAO projects, BULLZ is revolutionizing the Web3 marketing sector. Since its launch in late 2021, the platform, also known as “TikTok for Web3,” has attracted more than 96k peer-reviewed films. To make sure that only top-notch material is eligible for WOM awards, BULLZ takes advantage of the integrated authentication mechanism of the WOM Protocol. With an average of more than 400 individuals evaluating each video, the community acts as a node for content and defines the trustworthiness of the material. Through the WOM Protocol, peer reviewers and content producers are recognized for their contributions, ensuring that the community values their work.

In order to provide its partners the chance to enhance their content libraries with useful user-generated material, The BULLZ Campaign Manager has collaborated with Layer15. Through this partnership, marketing initiatives that generate steady user growth and solid social proof will be given priority. The tool may be used by Web3 initiatives to develop multi-layered content strategies with a variety of objectives, including boosting reach and engagement, creating authenticity, and fostering trust. When a new campaign is started on the Campaign Manager, the BULLZ app’s developers are alerted right away. Creators may go over campaigns on this page and choose whether or not they wish to participate in them. They may produce compelling videos and profit from them. When a project’s purpose is to get maximum exposure, creators might increase their income potential by sharing their material on their larger social networks. Numerous Web3 initiatives, including 8 Finance, Youmeme, Monkey League, and Safe ZK, have experienced great success as a result of working with creators.

A Web3-focused marketing company called Layer15, they specialize in original campaigns and organic growth. The company’s skilled employees provide comprehensive marketing services to support the development of initiatives and communities for both well-known brands and new companies. The average social growth rate for Layer15’s customers is 200%. The organization has achieved a partner retention rate of over 90% with its creative, data-driven marketing techniques.

The latest alliance between BULLZ and Layer15 marks a crucial turning point for the Web3 ecosystem. Utilizing Layer15’s expertise in Web3 marketing and BULLZ’s extensive creator network, the partnership between BULLZ and Layer15 aims to create opportunities for campaign collaboration with projects that call for scalable content marketing initiatives with creators.

Alec Pakzad, one of the co-founders of Layer15, said, “We realize that Web3 marketing may have a bad image. Our opinion is that authenticity is essential to establishing strong communities and fruitful projects. We are thrilled to be working with BULLZ since they have a well-established creative network and a successful past. We want to collaborate on campaigns and combine our marketing tactics in order to assist our customers in achieving long-term sustainable development.

Melanie Mohr, CEO and Founder of BULLZ, praised the team of skilled marketers at Layer15. Our goals and principles are completely in line with their Web3 marketing strategy, which places an emphasis on authenticity and data-driven tactics. Instead of focusing on immediate benefits, we both want to achieve long-term success. For further promotions, we look forward to working with Layer15 and extending the recognition of the Web3 name.

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