Bybit Partners with MIBR for Unique NFT Collection Celebrating Esports Legacy October 20, 2023 October 20, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Bybit Partners with MIBR for Unique NFT Collection Celebrating Esports Legacy

Bybit, a prominent player in the global cryptocurrency exchange arena, has joined forces with Made in Brazil (MIBR) to introduce a distinctive NFT collection paying tribute to the esports team’s impressive two-decade journey. Set to be unveiled on October 24, this forward-thinking initiative seamlessly bridges the gap between the physical and digital realms. The ‘MIBR NFTs’ offer a premium selection of 12 jerseys that chronicle MIBR’s illustrious twenty-year history.

Exploring the NFT Collection:

Available on Bybit’s user-friendly platform, the collectible MIBR jerseys are offered in various levels of rarity. The ‘Standard Editions’ are limited to 250 prints each, while the ‘Ultra-Rare’ versions are a truly exclusive find, with only 5 copies in existence. Impressively, 6 of these virtual assets will be made available at no cost to the fortunate few.


For dedicated collectors who manage to acquire the entire set of Bybit MIBR NFTs, a unique, personalized, autographed MIBR jersey awaits as a prized reward. Fans who amass 11 NFTs will receive a one-of-a-kind acknowledgment in the form of a shoutout from their cherished MIBR player. Furthermore, those who own between 7 and 10 jerseys can revel in exclusive MIBR store discounts and a substantial $BRZ bonus on Bybit.

A Fusion of Blockchain and Esports:

The collaborative venture between MIBR and Bybit represents an innovative fusion of blockchain technology and the world of esports, offering a fascinating perspective on the intersection of NFTs and competitive gaming.


Bybit’s status as the world’s third most-visited cryptocurrency exchange serves as a testament to the burgeoning importance of blockchain-based initiatives. Soon, the platform is poised to become even more appealing, delivering numerous advantages by integrating esports accomplishments with cutting-edge digital means.

Anticipation Builds:

With the highly-anticipated debut of MIBR NFTs on the horizon, excitement continues to mount among both Bybit and MIBR enthusiasts. These NFTs do not merely pay homage to the esports team’s legacy but also provide a splendid opportunity for fans to set a new standard for supporter engagement.

It is worth noting that, thanks to Bybit’s steadfast support, the rich history of MIBR will be permanently etched into the digital realm. As a result, fans are encouraged to engage with their sporting heroes in an exclusive, innovative manner and savor the unmissable benefits that this collaboration brings.


The collaboration between Bybit and MIBR, resulting in the MIBR NFT collection, is a testament to the dynamic intersection of cryptocurrency and esports, where blockchain technology meets competitive gaming. As the launch date draws nearer, the excitement surrounding this unique NFT collection continues to grow, promising not only to honor MIBR’s legacy but also to elevate fan engagement to new heights. With Bybit’s unwavering support, MIBR’s storied history will have a lasting presence in the digital world, offering a one-of-a-kind opportunity for fans to connect with their favorite esports team in an innovative and exclusive way.

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