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Casper Association Joins Forces with ‘Killer Whales’ for Web3 Innovation Showcase

Casper Association, a non-profit organization overseeing the Casper Network, has entered a strategic partnership with ‘Killer Whales,’ a pioneering reality TV show co-produced by CoinMarketCap, AltCoinDaily, and HELLO Labs. Positioned as the ‘Shark Tank of Crypto,’ Killer Whales aims to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to pitch innovative Web3 products and projects. The collaboration reflects a shared commitment to fostering decentralized ecosystems and advancing the adoption of transformative blockchain solutions.

Expanding the Casper Ecosystem:

The Casper Association, based in Switzerland, plays a pivotal role in the oversight of the Casper Network. It is dedicated to supporting the network’s evolution and decentralization through key initiatives, including major protocol updates, developer incentives, tools, and a growth fund. The association envisions an ecosystem of decentralized and scalable projects aligned with the principles of transparency and organic growth. This vision harmonizes with HELLO Labs, which seeks to establish a dynamic entertainment and gaming ecosystem on a global scale. Both platforms facilitate secure engagement with Web3 products and services.


Killer Whales TV Show: A Gateway for Web3 Entrepreneurs:

The Killer Whales TV show is set to become a significant platform for entrepreneurs to present their Web3 ideas to a panel of judges and industry influencers. The collaboration with Casper Association positions it as the first L1 blockchain to join Killer Whales as an Official Partner. The show aims to provide a transparent and innovative avenue for entrepreneurs to gain recognition, receive feedback from industry leaders, and secure funding for their Web3 projects. The episodes will premiere on HELLO TV before expanding to global streaming services across more than 55 countries.

HELLO Labs CEO’s Perspective on Casper Partnership

Sander Gortjes’ Statement:

HELLO Labs CEO Sander Gortjes expressed admiration for Casper’s transparency, dedication, and vision. The collaboration is seen as a focused and innovative endeavor, leveraging Casper as an Official Blockchain Partner to provide networking and technological benefits to participants. Gortjes highlighted the successful launch party in Singapore during Token 2049 as a testament to the synergies between Casper, HELLO Labs, and Killer Whales.

Casper’s Core Strength and Shared Goals with HELLO Labs

Adaptable and Upgradable Foundation:

Casper’s unique strength lies in its adaptable and upgradable foundation, making it the first L1 blockchain to partner with Killer Whales. The architecture allows seamless evolution to meet user needs and support projects effectively. The shared goal with HELLO Labs is to empower projects applying for the show, offering them recognition, industry insights, and crucial funding for developing innovative Web3 solutions.

Dedicated Funding for Casper Ecosystem:

Casper’s commitment to advancing its ecosystem is further evidenced by the Casper Accelerate Grant Program, a dedicated $25 million fund designed exclusively to support projects and creators on the Casper Public Mainnet. The program serves as a catalyst for strengthening infrastructure, focusing on decentralized applications (dApps) utilizing Casper’s unique features. Funding opportunities extend to diverse sectors, including DeFi, Gaming, NFTs projects, and Casper-specific crypto research.

Steve Careaga’s Perspective on Collaboration and Innovation

Managing Director Growth at Casper Association:

Steve Careaga, Managing Director Growth at Casper Association, expressed excitement about the collaboration with Killer Whales. The partnership signifies Casper’s dedication to pioneering and collaborative efforts in blockchain. Together with HELLO Labs, the aim is to empower emerging entrepreneurs, actively shaping revolutionary Web3 projects, setting industry benchmarks, and driving transformative ideas.


The collaboration between Casper Association and Killer Whales through the HELLO Labs platform represents a strategic move towards advancing Web3 innovation. As the Killer Whales TV show unfolds, it is poised to become a significant catalyst for entrepreneurs, offering them a unique platform to showcase their ideas, gain industry insights, and secure essential funding for the development of groundbreaking Web3 solutions. With a shared commitment to transparency, innovation, and ecosystem growth, Casper and HELLO Labs aim to leave a lasting impact on the evolving landscape of decentralized technologies.







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