Ceca Magán Abogados and Grant Thornton Forge Strategic Alliance for Web3 and Digital Assets Services Jan 24, 2024 Jan 24, 2024 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Ceca Magán Abogados and Grant Thornton Forge Strategic Alliance for Web3 and Digital Assets Services

In a significant move aimed at addressing the complexities of Web3 and digital assets, Ceca Magán Abogados and Grant Thornton, through its business and innovation consulting division, have entered into a collaboration agreement. This partnership entails the incorporation of Professor Alfredo Muñoz, an esteemed legal expert in the realm of Digital Assets in Spain and LATAM, as Of Counsel to Ceca Magán. Professor Muñoz, who previously served in a similar capacity at Grant Thornton, brings extensive knowledge and experience to navigate the evolving landscape of digital law.


Alfredo Muñoz: Central Figure in the Collaborative Endeavor


At the core of this collaboration is Alfredo Muñoz, a Doctor of Law and Professor of Commercial Law at the Complutense University. Recognized for his expertise in Digital Assets and as a reference in Web3, Professor Muñoz will play a pivotal role in providing joint services alongside Ceca Magán and Grant Thornton. The collaboration aligns with the imminent requirements of the MiCA Regulation and the Pilot Regime in DLT, addressing the comprehensive needs of companies venturing into the realm of Digital Assets.


Holistic Approach to Regulatory Framework


The collaboration anticipates the complexities arising from the evolving regulatory framework, offering a comprehensive approach to the challenges and opportunities presented by MiCA Regulation and the Pilot Regime in DLT. Both Ceca Magán and Grant Thornton share a common interest in fostering collaboration to enhance the dissemination and understanding of the evolving regulatory landscape. This extends not only to the banking and financial sector but also to various industries identifying business niches in need of maximum technical and legal security.


Positive Reception and Strategic Objectives


Partners at Ceca Magán, Ramón Mesonero-Romanos, and José Ramón Couso express their positive outlook on the alliance, highlighting the reinforcement and consolidation of the digital law area. The addition of Professor Alfredo Muñoz as Of Counsel strengthens Ceca Magán’s Fintech and Digital Assets Unit, addressing the innovative demands of clients in blockchain, cryptoassets, and asset tokenization. The collaboration with Grant Thornton, renowned for its expertise in the technical management of digital asset projects, enables the seamless integration of legal and technical perspectives, ultimately benefiting clients and their strategic objectives.


In conclusion, the collaboration between Ceca Magán Abogados and Grant Thornton signifies a strategic alliance to navigate the intricate landscape of Web3 and digital assets. The incorporation of Professor Alfredo Muñoz as Of Counsel reinforces the commitment to providing comprehensive and integrated services, ensuring clients are well-positioned to navigate the evolving regulatory environment and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the digital space.

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