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CertiK Publishes DeepSEA Programming Language Handbook

CertiK, a firm focused on blockchain security, has unveiled a prototype and language reference handbook for its smart contract centered DeepSEA programming language.

Both CertiK and its associated R&D study ventures have garnered financing from the firms such as Binance Labs, Qtum and Ethereum Foundation.

The DeepSEA demo, language, and compiler reference handbook published earlier this week intends to offer developers a detailed and solution oriented understanding into the language’s structure.

DeepSEA is a smart contract functional programming language that was initially developed at the research lab of Professor Zhong Shao, co-founder of Certik, department chair of computer science at Yale, along with Ronghui Gu, an assistant professor of computer science at Columbia University.

Even though DeepSEA was originally structured for the deployment of system software, the core team later modified it for official validation and audit of smart contracts and blockchain covenants.

Their point of view is that prevailing languages are inappropriate to the standard validation process required to accurately secure against the threats linked with likely smart contract breaches.

These threats are linked to smart contracts’ automated and unalterable feature, in accordance with the adage ‘code is law,’ and Professor Gu has in past years established a case for DeepSEA by underlining its previous installations in business-critical hardware systems such as the NASA Mars Rover.

The academics have criticized programming languages such as Solidity and Move (Facebook), quarreling that DeepSEA is considerably more safe and apt for intent. By utilizing mathematical evidence (official validation), they assert it can guarantee blockchain framework is “bug-free and hacker-resistant.”

The rollout has come before the beginning of the company’s upcoming CertiK Chain Mainnet 1.0 take off in spring 2020, following its beta start last November.

The mainnet is totally inter working with Ethereum, paving way for prevailing Solidity smart contracts to operate without dissension, and the Cosmos ecosystem, and is aimed for the utilization of numerous applications such as decentralized funding and staking.

Professor Gu has stated that the programmers intend to merge DeepSEA with the CertiK Chain later in 2020. Major South Korean crypto exchange Coinone has also collaborated with CertiK to audit ventures and take protective steps countering code security breaches.

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