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Market NewsJuly 14, 2023 by Kelly Cromley

ChainGPT Supports New Blockchain Projects with AI Infrastructure

ChainGPT, a leading AI infrastructure provider for the crypto, blockchain, and web3 industry is committed to offering the necessary infrastructure for the success of the new generation of blockchain-based projects entering the crypto industry.

Recently, DexCheck, an AI-powered analytics platform and trading tool for blockchain-based assets, joined ChainGPT’s incubation program. Through this program, DexCheck has been able to tap into a comprehensive suite of services provided by ChainGPT, including AI technologies, mentorship networks for guidance on capital management, marketing, and operations, as well as the $CGPT community for social presence. Now, DexCheck is ready to take its next step into the crypto economy.

With a newly launched website, an extensive network of connections, and a world-class strategy, DexCheck is preparing to launch its $DCK token through an Initial DEX Offering (IDO). The platform aims to provide a wide range of on-chain data, covering areas such as cryptocurrency and token pools, NFTs, and DEX trading volumes. DexCheck incorporates machine learning to enhance traditional research processes, improve pattern recognition capabilities, and deliver precise analysis to a broad audience.

DexCheck Joins ChainGPT Incubation Program for Crypto Success

The DexCheck platform, aptly named the “Checkerboard,” serves as an intuitive and user-friendly interface, assisting traders and investors in decision-making and pattern recognition. It offers various features, including a Top Crypto Traders Leaderboard, a Top NFT Traders Leaderboard, a Mirror Trading Bot for automated copy trading, an Address Analyzer for in-depth visualization of PNL and trading insights, and a Whale Tracker for real-time monitoring of large transactions and activities by prominent user accounts in both crypto and NFT realms.

DexCheck has ambitious plans for expansion, including the introduction of AI-Dexfolio, a BRC-20 token tracker, and an arbitrage bot. The platform upholds high-quality standards and aims for maximum inclusion, adopting a hybrid data access model. While some information will be provided to the general public for free, more advanced and unique data, such as leaderboards, will be linked to the native $DCK token. DexCheck operates on a decentralized foundation and has implemented its own token, $DCK, which offers token holders membership in their DAO and access to additional PRO features.

Through its partnership with ChainGPT and the utilization of AI infrastructure, DexCheck is poised to make a significant impact in the crypto industry by providing valuable insights and enhancing the trading experiences of its users.

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