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Chainlink Chooses Avalanche Blockchain to Launch Serverless Developer Platform

Chainlink, a decentralized oracle network, has released Chainlink Functions, a serverless development platform, on the Avalanche Fuji testnet. According to a blog post announcing the service, programmers of smart contracts may now use it to safely connect to any Web2 API, including those for communication services, social media signals, AI computation, and more.

Quickly connecting smart contracts to existing Web2 APIs is now possible with Chainlink Functions, opening up new possibilities for the convergence of Web3 and Web2. The article brought attention to the fact that Web2 developers can’t make use of their infrastructure to build Web3 apps and that there is a lack of connection between smart contracts and current Web2 APIs.

The architecture offered by Chainlink Functions allows for the development of cutting-edge applications that use both blockchain and traditional computing. Developers of Avalanche smart contracts may use it to connect Web2 APIs and cloud services. By doing so, you may have access to a plethora of advantages, such as widespread connection, adaptable computing, trust-minimized security, and quick and easy self-service.

Chainlink Functions provide a decentralized computing runtime for Web3 applications, allowing for off-chain testing, simulation, and execution of bespoke logic. This is an alternative to AWS Lambda, GCP CloudFunctions, and Cloudflare Workers that makes use of blockchain technology to provide a serverless cloud-based solution.

According to the paper, developers may use Chainlink Functions to meet their needs for external data and computation without having to interact with node administrators. By using the network’s accessibility, safety, and dependability, developers may concentrate on making decentralized apps.

The integration on Avalanche between Web3 applications and Web2 data sources simplifies and streamlines the coupling process, improving the developer experience. The method of integrating Avalanche’s smart contracts with preexisting Web2 APIs has been simplified, opening the door to the discovery of new features and uses. Web2 APIs and data sources can be seamlessly integrated into smart contracts by developers.

The release of Chainlink Functions on the Avalanche Fuji testnet provides a fresh chance to bridge the gap between Web3 and Web2. Developers working in the Avalanche ecosystem may take use of this to integrate their smart contracts with the existing Web2 APIs. This paves the way for a slew of advantages, including widespread networking, flexible computing, low-trust security, and rapid self-service.

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