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CharityDAO and Curate Unite to Revolutionize Charitable Giving Through Blockchain

In a significant stride toward redefining the landscape of charitable giving, CharityDAO has unveiled an innovative partnership with Curate, a pioneering gasless cross-chain NFT marketplace. The strategic alliance, heralded through a tweet on CharityDAO’s official Twitter account, promises to catalyze the convergence of blockchain technology and philanthropy, ushering in a new era of empowered creators, efficient charitable activities, and borderless humanitarian endeavors.

CharityDAO, recognized for its groundbreaking initiatives in simplifying and enhancing the efficacy of philanthropy, has embarked on this partnership with Curate to harness the transformative potential of blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) within the realm of charitable contributions. With a resolute commitment to a decentralized and boundary-free approach, CharityDAO aims to surmount the challenges posed by political and geographical barriers that often impede charitable endeavors. The organization boasts a robust network encompassing over 50 charitable entities worldwide, including notable names such as the Ukrainian Red Cross and the Water Fund established by Matt Damon.

Empowering Philanthropy and Streamlining Donations for a Global Impact

This collaboration marks a logical progression for CharityDAO, an organization that has already introduced the encrypted social charity application “Lets Help” and successfully executed charitable relief missions across diverse countries, including the Philippines and Nigeria. By joining forces with Curate, CharityDAO is poised to amplify its charitable undertakings by infusing innovative blockchain solutions into its operational framework.

On the other end of this transformative partnership stands Curate, a trailblazing gasless cross-chain NFT marketplace that has garnered acclaim for its advancements within the blockchain arena. With its inception in 2019, the platform has emerged as a beacon of innovation, revolutionizing the NFT landscape by allowing creators to engage in NFT transactions without the financial burden of gas fees. This groundbreaking approach has resulted in substantial cost savings for users, reaching an impressive cumulative total of $30 million, as attested by the Curate team.

Undoubtedly, Curate’s journey extends beyond its current accomplishments, as the platform gears up for the imminent launch of its Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Prospective participants eager to be a part of this decentralized initiative can express their interest by submitting an online form accessible through Curate’s official website. While specific timelines for the DAO’s launch remain undisclosed, the Curate team remains steadfast in their commitment to unveiling comprehensive details as they make substantial headway in the project’s development.

The accessibility of the DAO will transcend platforms, extending its influence across Web, Android, and iOS interfaces. Curate’s venture into diverse industries is underscored by its recent collaboration with, a partnership that empowers users of the travel platform to leverage their cryptocurrency holdings for booking travel experiences. This strategic alliance exemplifies Curate’s adaptability and potential to instigate transformative shifts in conventional sectors.

As the collaborative efforts of CharityDAO and Curate continue to crystallize, the realm of charitable giving stands poised for a paradigm shift. This dynamic amalgamation of decentralized charitable operations and cutting-edge blockchain technology is set to pave the way for a more seamless and impactful approach to supporting charitable causes on a global scale. By transcending boundaries and leveraging the transformative capabilities of blockchain and NFTs, the partnership aims to redefine the essence of philanthropy and contribute to a brighter, more inclusive future for charitable endeavors across the world.

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