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Chase Bank UK Restricts Crypto Transactions Amid Rising Fraud Concerns

Customers of Chase Bank in the United Kingdom have recently been informed of significant changes in their ability to conduct cryptocurrency transactions. The decision, set to take effect from October 16, 2023, entails the prohibition of crypto-related transactions using debit cards or outgoing bank transfers. This move comes as a response to the bank’s growing concerns over the increasing use of cryptocurrencies in fraudulent activities.


Chase Bank’s Crypto Transaction Restrictions


Chase Bank, a subsidiary of the renowned financial services company JPMorgan Chase, has conveyed this decision to its UK customer base through a notification. The communication emphasizes that any payment perceived as being connected to crypto assets will be met with a firm decline.


“To help keep your money safe from fraud and scams, we’re changing the types of payments you can make from Chase,” states the note. “From 16 October 2023, if we think you’re making a payment related to crypto assets, we’ll decline it. If you’d still like to invest in crypto assets, you can try using a different bank or provider instead.”


The bank underscores that this measure is a proactive step to combat the growing menace of fraudsters employing crypto assets to perpetrate large-scale financial thefts. According to Chase, declining such payments aligns with their commitment to safeguard their customers’ financial interests.


Rising Crypto Fraud Concerns


Chase Bank’s decision to restrict crypto transactions is grounded in a notable surge in fraud and scams related to cryptocurrencies. The bank cites data from Action Fraud, Britain’s authoritative fraud reporting agency, which reveals a staggering year-over-year increase of more than 40% in crypto fraud-related losses among UK consumers, as of May.


The financial toll of these scams in the UK has already exceeded £300 million ($365 million) in the current year, underscoring the urgency of measures to curtail these illicit activities.


Chase’s Commitment to Customer Protection


Chase Bank, in emphasizing the importance of customer protection, has assured that customers will receive notifications of declined transactions if they attempt to conduct crypto-related payments. A spokesperson for the bank reiterated that these changes are being implemented to ensure the security of customers’ funds in light of the escalating number of crypto scams targeting UK consumers.


It’s worth noting that the UK government has not enacted any laws or policies prohibiting cryptocurrency payments, making Chase Bank’s decision a notable deviation from the legal landscape.


Chase Bank’s Global Presence


Chase Bank boasts a substantial global presence, with over 4,600 branches worldwide and a user base exceeding 50 million active customers. In September 2022, the bank’s UK user base reached one million individuals, representing 2% of its total user base globally.


JPMorgan’s Blockchain Initiatives


Interestingly, while Chase Bank is tightening restrictions on crypto transactions, its parent company, JPMorgan Chase, is actively involved in blockchain technology development. The bank is reportedly exploring the creation of a blockchain-based digital deposit token designed to expedite cross-border payments and settlements.


Sources familiar with the matter have disclosed that JPMorgan has already developed the foundational infrastructure for this innovative payment vehicle but awaits final approval from US regulators before proceeding. Once approved, the bank is expected to launch the product for use by corporate clients within a year.


JPMorgan’s blockchain journey includes the introduction of euro-denominated payments for corporate clients through its native blockchain-powered digital currency, JPM Coin. Additionally, the bank’s blockchain-based system, Onyx Coin Systems, has facilitated substantial improvement in the quality of wholesale payment transactions, with nearly $700 billion in short-term loan transactions processed as of April 2023.


Furthermore, JPMorgan’s collaboration with six major Indian banks for a blockchain-based platform pilot program aims to enhance interbank dollar transaction settlement, enabling real-time processing 24/7.




Chase Bank’s decision to restrict crypto transactions for its UK customers reflects a growing concern over crypto-related fraud and scams. The move underscores the bank’s commitment to safeguarding its customers’ financial interests. In contrast, JPMorgan Chase continues to actively explore and implement blockchain technology for various financial applications, showcasing the dual nature of the cryptocurrency landscape and the financial industry’s evolving response to it.

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