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Chinese Blockchain Firm Partners With Japanese Ad Company To Create Innovative Advertising Business Model

Technological innovations including blockchain, AI and big data drive ad industry advancement and innovation. Japanese marketing giant Hakuhodo announced on their company’s website on January 21 that the company will now take initiative on the latest digital ads for blockchain business models, namely Collectable AD, along with a Chinese blockchain platform service provider, Yuanben, and a well-known Japanese company United. Group M, the largest advertising media group in the world, reduced the worldwide advertising sector growth projection for 2018 from -0.4% to -0.8% in its latest industry report.

The primary reason for the industry’s weaker than anticipate growth rate is because advertisers’ are suspicious on the usefulness of their delivery contribute not only to the overall impact of the world economy but also to a lower advertising costs. Statistics show that inefficient traffic in digital marketing was 28.8% in the first six months of 2018.

FMCG company P&G said there is a lack of common standards in the advertising industry to assess the overall quality and reliability of advertising traffic and hopes technological advances would help to revitalize the industry.

Consumers no longer remain as passive receivers of ads in this creative model, but they also take a part in its distribution and circulation. The platform allows customers to read, pick up and trade allocated digital ad, finish pre-established tasks, and and and get numerous advertiser promotions and awards. Collectable AD utilizes blockchain based system technology to translate marketing to user-shared digital content on press and media sites. Consumers will be compensated for their involvement with pertinent and intuitive ads.

Ganlu CTO of Yuanben blockchain “The blockchain can quickly and securely confirm the ownership of digital advertising assets and ensure the transfer of ownership is transparent and unable to be tampered with. As advertising platform traffic and user bases grow, digital ads are able to be freely shared and re-shared amongst consumers much like in a card game; this in turn helps to solve the problem of inappropriate advertising. Meanwhile, the private computing and zero-knowledge proof technology may also become the key to solving the traffic fraud problem and create more value for advertisers.”

Yuanben is one of the world’s most prominent blockchain providers of trustworthy data intelligence services to businesses. Associates and customer groups include media, Internet courts, publicity groups, copyright corporations, logistics companies, mobile devices, etc.

The Company has pledged to build a trustworthy business infrastructure ecosystem called’ Blockchain+’ since its launch in 2016. In that year, blockchain innovation was supported by a ’13th Five-Year Plan’ announced by the PRC State Council.

During this period, the first lot of start-up technology companies like Yuanben blockchain came into existence. Last year, tech giants like Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent also came onto the market and announced their intention for blockchain integration.

Wu Peng, Yuanben blockchain CEO said “As the first batch of pioneers to enter the blockchain industry, we believe the outside world’s understanding of the industry is a catalyst to promote development and work towards integration and adoption. The entry of Internet giants is positive for the industry, adding reputability and recognition to this emerging technology.”

Wu Peng highlighted the importance of this partnership as follows:

“But there are still too few innovative blockchain application models. Collectable AD addresses a specific pain point for the advertising industry in its current state and represents a product created after deep exploration of the advertising industry business models. We hope through this cooperation we can contribute to the innovative model of ‘blockchain+,’ something that is really conducive to the development of the advertising industry.”

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