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Coca-Cola Selects Polygon Network to Release Pride NFT Series

Coca-Cola, a prominent beverage company, has announced that it intends to introduce a Pride series NFT collection as part of its celebrations with the LGBTQIA+ community. The collection will consist of NFTs themed around the Pride movement. Because each NFT in the collection is made up of individual pieces of the 136 different NFT collectibles, each NFT in the collection will be completely one of a kind. It is the mission of this organization, with the debut of this series, to illuminate the lives of members of the LGBTQIA+ community with vibrant color while simultaneously disseminating the message that love conquers all.

Rich Mnisi, a well-known South African musician and one of the most outspoken champions for the community, will collaborate with Coca-Cola on the debut of this product. Coca-Cola elaborates on the reasoning for their selection of Mnisi. It is believed that Mnisi’s works test the boundaries of both community and identity in its many forms. The group goes on to say that Mnisi was motivated to create his pride collection by the indestructibility of energy as a source of creativity.

Mnisi elucidates the concept that the shape that energy takes may shift. Each individual has the ability to either lock it up or unlock it. Love is analogous to energy in that it may take many different forms yet can never be extinguished. These days, love may take on many different forms, including heartache, trust, passion, and even darkness. These shapes illustrate the ever-changing nature of love as well as its enduring nature. They serve as a gentle but powerful reminder to every person that they have the ability to choose the expression of love that best suits them. Mnisi continues by saying, “We exhibit love regardless of how we interpret it.” But let us love one another without reservation.”

The statement states that there would be 136 new limited edition figures added to the pride series NFT collection. Additionally, each and every one of them will be mined on the Polygon (MATIC) network. On the opensea NFT marketplace, you may now find examples of a few of these NFTs. The minimum purchase price for these NFTs has been established by Coca-Cola at 1 ETH. Additionally, Coca-Cola is anticipating that the debut of the NFT series would increase the visibility of the LGBTQIA+ colors, which is one of the company’s primary goals. As a result, more people throughout the globe will hear its message of love as it spreads. Coca-Cola also made the announcement that it will give all of the profits made from the first sale of the NFTs to charitable organizations in the local community. In the first year after the introduction of the NFT series, 100% of the revenues from sales will be donated to OUT, a charity that supports LGBTQIA+ people.

Rich Mnisi made a conscious decision to work with this particular organization. OUT is a provider of mental and physical healthcare that has its headquarters in South Africa. out is one of the organizations that provides assistance to members of the LGBTQIA+ community in addition to being the second-oldest charity in South Africa. Givenchy Parfums, which is a premium perfume and cosmetics company, is following in Coca-footsteps Cola’s in this regard. In addition to this, it will be releasing an NFT collection that will help a Paris-based LGBTQIA+ enterprise (Le Mag Jeunes).

For the purpose of this event, well-known community activist and gallery owner Amar Singh will collaborate with the rewind collective and Givenchy Parfums. The purpose of this collection is to raise awareness about the connection that exists between innovative and disruptive creativity and the core principles of inclusiveness and respect. Givenchy’s Prisme libre loose powder served as a source of creativity for Singh in the development of these NFTs. Another NFT series collection was created via the collaboration of Givenchy, Singh, and rewind collective in the previous year.

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