Coinstore and XDEFI Wallet Join Forces to Expand DeFi and Web3 Access Dec 7, 2023 Dec 7, 2023 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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Coinstore and XDEFI Wallet Join Forces to Expand DeFi and Web3 Access

In a strategic move to enhance DeFi and Web3 accessibility, Coinstore, a prominent centralized exchange with a user base of 4 million, has established a partnership with XDEFI, a leading provider of non-custodial wallet services. This collaboration aims to bring XDEFI’s advanced Web3 capabilities to Coinstore’s extensive global user community.

Opening Doors to Decentralized Exchanges

Uniswap, a key player in decentralized exchanges, consistently ranks among the top five globally in trading volume. Similarly, THORChain secures a position in the top ten. These decentralized exchanges require users to utilize non-custodial wallets like XDEFI for access.

Expanding Asset Swapping and dApp Accessibility

As a result of this collaboration, Coinstore users now have the capability to directly swap more than 10,000 assets across 29 blockchains through XDEFI Wallet. This includes access to assets on Uniswap, THORChain, Osmosis, and Jupiter. Moreover, Coinstore users can explore every decentralized application (dApp) on 34 blockchains via XDEFI Wallet.

Partnership Benefits for Coinstore Users

To celebrate this partnership, all KYC’d Coinstore users installing XDEFI before January 1, 2024, will receive a $XDEFI airdrop. This airdrop serves as a token of appreciation for users embracing the collaboration and leveraging the enhanced capabilities provided by XDEFI Wallet.

Enabling DeFi Access in a Mutually Beneficial Manner

Emile Dubié, CEO of XDEFI, expressed optimism about the collaboration, emphasizing that it unlocks thousands of new assets and applications for Coinstore’s users. The aim is to work with exchanges to mutually benefit their users by providing access to the growing DeFi landscape. The collaboration is expected to contribute significantly to XDEFI’s growth and swap volume.

Coinstore’s Recognition of XDEFI’s Sophistication

A representative from Coinstore acknowledged XDEFI as the most sophisticated multi-ecosystem wallet available. The collaboration is viewed as an opportunity to usher Coinstore users into the Web3 era, showcasing the commitment to providing an advanced and seamless experience for users navigating the evolving blockchain landscape.

In conclusion, the partnership between Coinstore and XDEFI marks a strategic step towards expanding DeFi and Web3 access for a substantial user base. With enhanced capabilities for asset swapping and dApp exploration, users can navigate the decentralized landscape seamlessly. The collaboration’s significance is highlighted by the token airdrop for KYC’d Coinstore users, providing an added incentive for embracing the evolving capabilities brought forth by XDEFI Wallet.

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