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Colombia’s Stock Exchange to Integrate Blockchain Technology with Crowdfunding Platform

Colombia’s stock exchange, the Bolsa de Valores de Colombia (bvc), is set to introduce blockchain technology to its crowdfunding platform, a2censo. This initiative aims to revolutionize the way small to medium-sized businesses access financing and further bolster investment opportunities for the public. The stock exchange has partnered with MarketXM to implement smart contracts for clearing and settlement, thus ushering in a new era of secure and efficient financial operations.


Launched in 2019, a2censo has been a digitally native system, facilitating investment without the need for intermediaries and thereby reducing associated costs. This streamlined approach has been instrumental in its success, allowing individuals to invest smaller sums of money in support of growing businesses.

bvc’s Innovative Move to Enhance Investment Opportunities and Efficiency

Lina Parra, the director of a2censo, expressed enthusiasm about this innovative step, stating, “This innovation will allow our customers to enjoy a more efficient and user-friendly experience. We are committed to driving the growth of Colombian companies by offering investment opportunities through a reliable and secure platform that implements cutting-edge technological solutions, now with the support of”

MarketXM, the technology provider for this endeavor, leverages Hyperledger Fabric and Besu, two renowned blockchain frameworks known for their reliability and security.

It’s worth noting that this is not bvc’s first foray into blockchain technology. In 2020, bvc became a part of the Colibri consortium, which focuses on creating a proof of concept for using blockchain to manage collateral related to over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives margins. MarketXM is also a technology partner in this initiative, although it has undergone a rebranding since its inception. The Colibri project is still in progress and is slated to be launched in early 2024.

The Colibri consortium comprises prominent organizations such as Skandia, Protección, Bancolombia, Banco BBVA, Colfondos, Itau, Santander CACEIS Colombia, Deceval, Precia, Sophos Solutions, Gómez Pinzón Abogados, 2TransFair, and bvc. These entities are collaborating to harness the potential of blockchain technology in collateral management for OTC derivatives, seeking to enhance the efficiency and security of these financial processes.

MarketXM’s offerings extend beyond this collaboration, with one of its key solutions being “collXM,” a decentralized finance (DeFi) collateral exchange. CollXM is designed to support collateral posting for cleared derivatives, repos, and securities lending, promising to bring efficiency and transparency to these critical financial operations.

By integrating blockchain technology into its crowdfunding platform and participating in the Colibri consortium’s initiative, bvc is not only driving innovation within the Colombian financial sector but also setting the stage for a more efficient, secure, and transparent landscape for investors, businesses, and institutions alike. These efforts reflect a growing global trend of embracing blockchain’s potential to reshape traditional financial processes and open up new opportunities for economic growth.

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