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Concordium and Hitachi Solutions Pioneer Web3 Wallet with Biometric Security

In a significant collaboration, the Concordium Foundation revealed on December 12 its partnership with Hitachi Solutions to conduct a proof of technology on the Concordium blockchain. The joint effort aims to develop a Web3 wallet featuring biometric electronic signatures, a pioneering project anticipated to revolutionize usability and address the risks associated with self-management of seed phrases, which are essential for wallet recovery.


 “Enhancing User Convenience and Security with Biometric Blockchain Integration”


The groundbreaking project seeks to leverage zero-knowledge proof-based and self-sovereign identity frameworks embedded within the Concordium blockchain. These frameworks, when integrated into smartphones and other mobile devices, aim to provide heightened identification capabilities validated by a third party. This innovative approach allows users to engage in various Internet-based applications without compromising sensitive data, ensuring sole ownership of their identity and personal information.


The Public Biometric Infrastructure (PBI) platform by Hitachi is a novel public key authentication platform that melds biometric authentication with PKI digital signature technologies. This unique platform safeguards biometric information by preventing its storage, thereby mitigating risks related to misuse and impersonation resulting from information leaks.


 “Seamless Wallet Experience through Biometric Trigger and Secure Seed Phrase Handling”


The proof of technology initiative explores the feasibility of generating a seed phrase, a crucial component for wallet functionality, through PBI-triggered biometrics during wallet creation. Notably, this process ensures that the seed phrase is neither stored nor managed by users when restoring the wallet. The elimination of the need to memorize or store the seed phrase enhances wallet convenience and reduces the risk of its loss, presenting a significant advancement in the technology landscape. This research and demonstration endeavor aim to fortify the security of the next generation of Internet users and their digital wallets, thereby facilitating broader adoption of cryptocurrencies.


 “Hitachi Solutions and Concordium Strive for Robust Blockchain Security”


Kenji Ikeda, General Manager at Hitachi Solutions, expressed enthusiasm for participating in the technical demonstration, emphasizing the critical role of seed phrase security in establishing blockchain as a societal infrastructure. The verification of PBI technology, Ikeda believes, will enhance the robustness of the Concordium blockchain, contributing to the realization of a decentralized platform and fostering the proliferation of Concordium’s blockchain technology.


Dr. Kenta Takahashi, Principal Researcher at Hitachi, conveyed delight in conducting the Proof of Technology using Concordium’s blockchain and Hitachi’s PBI. The integration of PBI into Concordium’s wallet, he hopes, will facilitate secure and convenient self-sovereign identity, laying the foundation of trust within the Web3 ecosystem.


 “Concordium’s Vision for Usable and Secure Blockchain”


Lars Seier Christensen, the Founder of Concordium, emphasized the commitment to delivering a user-friendly and secure blockchain and cryptocurrency. The integration of HITACHI’s biometrics into the Concordium Wallet, according to Christensen, will simplify token storage and usage, enhancing accessibility and safety.


Concordium’s CTO, Nibras Stiebar-Bang, underscored the application’s significance in enhancing personal security. Stiebar-Bang explained the blockchain-based self-sovereign identity approach, empowering users with control over their identities and sensitive data. This approach aligns with the Concordium ID framework, enabling users to selectively share attributes without revealing sensitive details, reinforcing the notion of privacy and control in the digital realm.

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