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COYA Unveils NFT Artwork series

In celebration of the brand’s 10-year anniversary, COYA has unveiled its very own exclusive collection of NFT (non-fungible token) artworks. The immersive 360-degree lifestyle brand is combining digital artists on a worldwide scale who have developed and constructed an NFT, or a group of NFTs, to reflect each colorful COYA location in London, Paris, Monte Carlo, Mykonos, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, and Doha.

On Monday, October 3, all series of NFTs will be published on the COYA website’s Art page, enabling NFT lovers and tastemakers to acquire the unique collection. As part of the worldwide brand’s 10-year anniversary celebrations, this initiative, filled with varied and one-of-a-kind NFTs, represents COYA’s ever-increasing dedication to supporting local, emerging artists.

Yannis Stanisiere, Chief Operating Officer of COYA Restaurants & Pisco Bar, adds, “The 10-year anniversary NFT collection is one of our most exciting initiatives this year, and it is of great importance to us. It represents our enthusiasm for art as well as the fact that we are an innovative, forward-thinking lifestyle business that is constantly keen to explore new trends and take risks. Each piece of art is totally distinctive and offers its own captivating tale.

“The collection highlights the charming and intriguing cultures of the towns and nations that COYA is happy to call home. From our flagship site in COYA Mayfair to the newly launched COYA Riyadh, each branch has its own own character, yet this initiative signifies that all nine of our varied and upscale locations have the same creative and artistic DNA.

Beginning in London, COYA Mayfair and COYA City have commissioned self-taught artist Matt Griff to design their distinctive NFTs. Matt, who was born in France and currently resides in London, participated to COYA’s recent Pisco Jar Project art collaboration, and his Picasso-influenced, modern paintings are just as striking in digital format as they are on canvas.

Lukas Avalon will contribute his street art-inspired and Andy Warhol-influenced designs to the NFTs of COYA Monte-Carlo and COYA Paris. The Monégasque artist has produced two NFTs that pay homage to Grace Kelly, the people’s princess of Monaco, and the great Karl Lagerfeld, an unparalleled symbol of Paris haute couture.

Moving to the azure waters and white beaches of the Greek islands, COYA Mykonos has partnered with The Sassy Crayon’s Samantha Lomas. Samantha, who is passionate about empowering female artists, paints in an abstract and naturalistic manner filled with whimsical delight and symbolic motifs.

Her COYA line mixes ancient methods with current technology to honor the past, present, and future via a symbolic journey through Incan mythology. Each NFT depicts a unique Incan deity, such as the magnificent and awe-inspiring COYA – Queen of the Incas and Mama Quilla – God of the Moon. Using a combination of mixed media, acrylics, gold leaf, spray paint, and oils, the inventive Dubai-based artist created her eye-catching, neon-colored COYA line.

In the Middle East, UAE-based NFT artist Puja Tiwari used her vibrant, whimsical, and magical aesthetic to create selected works for COYA Dubai and COYA Abu Dhabi. Her paintings under the moniker 1800.Weirdo are inspired by her strange dreams and horrors. She began investing in art as a creative outlet from her corporate career, and today she lives on the power and limitless possibilities of digital collage art. In the past, her work has been shown in major NFT exhibits in Dubai and Bahrain, motivated by a desire to enable spectators to experience fresh and uncommon emotions.

Her stubborn but playful NFTs for COYA represent the delicate border between masculine and feminine, as influenced by the mysterious stories of Peruvian culture, COYA’s lively principles, and the history of the UAE.

Like Abu Dhabi and Dubai, her sculptures are based on the same principles and ethos, yet each has its own unique character. The female figure is adorned with Aztec themes in homage to Peru and sand dunes to honor Dubai’s natural surroundings, while the male figure’s maritime motif recalls COYA Abu Dhabi’s waterfront location on Al Maryah Island.

In Qatar, COYA Doha will highlight the digital works of Irish artist Simon McNally. He has been known to use genuine pebbles and sand into his work. He is an experimental artist who favors a variety of mediums, including charcoal and oils. Simon strives to depict profound and important feelings in every work, and he believes that his cooperation with COYA will inspire a whole new audience of art enthusiasts.

Christopher Hunt, an accomplished artist, is partnering with COYA Riyadh to deliver his Distressed Design NFTs to the COYA 10-year anniversary festivities. His bespoke collection showcases the magical cultures of Peru and Saudi Arabia through bold yet minimalistic patterns made with patterns, leaves, and colors that are inspired by both countries. His collection was designed by an internationally acclaimed art director who has been recognized by the United Nations. The works recognize important historical factors, such as the significance of the traditional headdresses of Arabia and the colonial patterns of Peru, in exploring the distinctions and parallels between the two countries and their gorgeous natural surroundings.

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