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Crypto Exchange ABCC Partners With Tron, Starts Supporting TRC10 Tokens

Cryptocurrency exchanges are clearly an important part of the whole crypto-environment, and lately have hogged the limelight.

In this case, the ABCC cryptocurrency exchange has formed a partnership with Tron, the ninth largest cryptocurrency encompassing the cryptoverse.

The notification was made via Twitter on 15 January. The founder and CEO of Tron Foundation, Justin Sun, officially confirmed this specific news. Per the announcement, ABCC has turned out to be the first exchange to support tokens based on Tron’s TRC10 technological standard, as a result of this notable partnership.

This information about the partnership followed the official announcement by ABCC providing support for tokens based on TRC10 and TRC20 Standards. The TRC10 token is defined by Tron’s Developer Guide as the technical standard for tokens backed by the native blockchain of the crytpocurrency without using the Tron Virtual Machine.

As far as the TRC20 token is concerned, it is also a technical standard, however for smart contracts deployed with TVM. In addition, it is completely compatible with the ERC-20 standard tokens of Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Notably, Tron’s President and Chief Executive Officer stated very strongly that it is setting up a fund specifically to rescue Ethereum (ETH) and EOS developers from the so-called disintegration of their platforms.

Recently, BitTorrent ‘s previous Chief Strategic Officer argued that Tron will not be able to handle the transaction volume necessary to tokenize the torrent customer. It can be remembered that back in July 2018, Tron purchased BitTorrent.

Following the acquisition, Tron unveiled a native cryptocurrency token for the platform, dubbled “BTT,” earlier this month, based on its own protocol.

Tron (TRX), which has a market cap of about $1.62 billion, is classified as the ninth largest cryptocurrency and is trading at $0.02.

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