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CyberConnect Teams Up with Animoca Brands to Forge Web3 Social Layer for Mocaverse

CyberConnect, a distinguished Web3-based social network headquartered in the United States, has recently entered into a strategic memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong-based powerhouse in gaming and the metaverse sector. This partnership is poised to catalyze the creation of a decentralized social layer for Mocaverse, the non-fungible token (NFT) collection that forms an integral part of the Animoca Brands ecosystem.

According to an official statement issued on Tuesday, the core foundation of this partnership hinges on the integration of CyberConnect’s innovative smart account infrastructure, known as CyberAccount, with Mocaverse’s identity layer. This transformative integration is set to empower entities within the Animoca Brands portfolio with the tools to construct their individual social graphs. This, in turn, will enable the seamless generation of interoperable user experiences spanning games, products, and services.

Collaborative Initiative Aims to Pioneer Decentralized Social Infrastructure within Web3 Ecosystem

The timing of this alliance is of notable significance, coinciding with CyberConnect’s recent introduction of the V3 upgrade, which unveiled the powerful CyberAccount. This sophisticated ERC-4337-powered smart account is lauded as a trailblazing milestone within the Web3 landscape, boasting scalability and battle-tested capabilities. The remarkable adoption of CyberAccount has seen it emerge as a dominant player, facilitating the creation of over 90 percent of all smart accounts or smart contract wallets that have been established to date.

The strategic synergy between Animoca Brands and CyberConnect extends beyond mere technology integration. The core objective involves the establishment of an industry model through their collaborative Web3 social network venture. This model is envisioned as a pioneering framework that will lay the groundwork for a novel approach in developing consumer-oriented products and applications. The goal is to empower users to navigate seamlessly across their preferred applications without the need to replicate their social connections and networks.

The pivotal innovation brought forth by ERC-4337-powered smart accounts is their potential to simplify the complexities of crypto wallets. This enables a user experience and onboarding process that mirrors the familiarity of the traditional Web2 landscape. Through this technology, applications built upon CyberAccount will provide users with all-encompassing access to an array of games and services offered by Animoca Brands and its diverse portfolio companies, all within a unified smart account framework.

The inherent limitation of existing wallet solutions, such as MetaMask, lies in their inability to offer developers context-specific and personalized user experiences. The CyberAccount-based social graph integration tackles this challenge head-on. By seamlessly integrating user identities and connections with their CyberAccounts, developers can expedite the deployment of their decentralized applications, significantly reducing the time required to launch and simultaneously expanding their reach to untapped user bases.

Animoca Brands aims to further drive adoption through their pioneering “super account” approach, which is envisioned to empower developers with a groundbreaking user onboarding solution. In the forthcoming months, Animoca Brands plans to roll out support for CyberAccount across the expansive Mocaverse landscape. This strategic move will enable users to seamlessly migrate their friends, followers, fans, and connections to their favored applications within the Mocaverse ecosystem.

CyberConnect, founded by a dynamic Silicon Valley-based entrepreneurial team in 2021, is steadfast in its commitment to empower users by providing the tools to own their digital identity, content, connections, and interactions. With over 50 projects leveraging CyberConnect to create real-world social features across domains such as community-owned networks, content curation, and discovery tools, the platform has established itself as a formidable force in the Web3 ecosystem.

As of August 2023, the CyberConnect protocol boasts an impressive tally of 1.2 million user profiles and 400,000 monthly active wallets. This user base has collectively executed more than 16.3 million transactions. Bolstering its reputation, CyberConnect has garnered support from prominent investors, including Multicoin and Animoca Brands, raising a substantial sum of over $25 million since its inception.

On the other end of this transformative partnership stands Mocaverse, a visionary initiative by Animoca Brands. This project seeks to amalgamate the company’s extensive portfolio, subsidiaries, joint ventures, and partnerships through an exclusive NFT collection. The collection, featuring 8,888 Mocas, serves as NFT profile pictures (PFPs) functioning as membership passes for Animoca Brands’ stakeholders, including team members, investors, partners, and select token holders. Mocaverse’s mission revolves around uniting the Web3 community through shared values and purpose, facilitating knowledge exchange, idea sharing, gameplay, and collective building toward a dynamic Web3 future.

Animoca Brands, a formidable player in digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification, is devoted to advancing digital property rights and contributing to the evolution of the open metaverse landscape. In collaboration with CyberConnect, their partnership holds the promise of reshaping the Web3 terrain, fostering innovation, and crafting a more inclusive and interconnected digital realm.

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