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Cyfrin Unveils Blockchain and DeFi Auditing Services

Cyfrin is comprised of auditing specialists with the mission of securing DeFi and blockchain-based applications. Security vulnerabilities caused a loss of more than $3.8 billion to this industry in 2022. By providing advanced auditing tools, Cyfrin aims to change this perception.

In response to the increasing number of Web3 initiatives starting without proper audits, Cyfrin was introduced at the start of 2023. The company plans to enhance this region’s security and increase its transparency and profitability for all involved. One of the defining characteristics of Cyfrin is its ability to identify numerous flaws and optimal solutions, which can assist developers in improving their codebases and test suites. The company’s expanding arsenal of sophisticated auditing tools includes:

Smart Contract Audits
Cyfrin auditors are on hand at every turn to provide guidance to the project’s creators. An audit of a smart contract involves looking at each individual line of code for bugs and security problems. In addition, they suggest measures to safeguard the smart contract and make sure the project can be launched with little exposure to danger.

Code Reviews
At any point, developers have the option to ask Cyfrin for code evaluations to ensure that they are building code correctly and using the suitable technology stack. Users can use this service to fix mistakes and assess the cost-effectiveness of their code. Furthermore, the company provides them with information on what to expect from a thorough security audit.

Fuzz Testing
Another high-quality auditing service is the Cyfrin fuzz test. It may be referred to as an invariant test by some developers, which involves quickly identifying crucial bugs. This test is conducted by the company’s expert auditors before manually examining the code. Cyfrin regards this service as the new standard for Web3 security, as it helps save both time and money.

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