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Dash Dials Coinpay.cr For Expansion To Costa Rica

Coinpay.cr is a Costa Rica-based, market-leading blockchain financial platform that offers a host of services including merchant accounts, phone recharges, gift cards, and a cryptocurrency exchange. Dash is one of the world’s oldest cryptocurrency initiatives, well known for its payment-focused approach. InstantSend, which enables quick deposits and withdrawals, has been incorporated into the Coinpay.cr ecosystem, which offers over 5,000 services and goods. Coinpay customers may now purchase, trade, keep, and spend Dash while benefiting from InstantSend. Additionally, both organizations will provide a loyalty program called Dash Back, which rewards users with a portion of Dash spent on the network.

Coinpay.cr was founded in 2016 with the goal of simplifying access to the digital economy. It is the region’s top blockchain marketplace, crypto exchange, and trader wallet solution. Coinpay offers bank-like services and liquidity, enabling customers to trade, save, spend, and transfer both bitcoin and money. Dash is a payments-focused cryptocurrency that enables millions of people worldwide to conduct rapid and secure transactions with near-zero transaction costs.

It is accepted at around 200,000 merchant locations worldwide and is accessible through 3,300 ATMs and 100+ exchanges. Dash invented ground-breaking features such as a two-tier network of rewarded nodes and decentralized project governance, fast payment settlement, and a completely secure blockchain. Dash Core Group, the main group financed by the Dash Treasury, is assisting in the development of the Dash Network. The new relationship with Coinpay will concentrate on the acquisition and expansion of users and merchants for both businesses. This is Dash’s first cooperation in Central America, after the cryptocurrency’s popularity in South America.

“Not only does this cooperation provide users with additional options to purchase and utilize Dash for daily payments, but it also ensures that Dash expands in tandem with Coinpay’s growth in the nation and around the region. El Salvador became the first country in the world to embrace cryptocurrencies as legal cash last year. We anticipate that as El Salvador’s tale develops, adjacent nations will build their own cryptocurrency plans,” noted Omar Hamwi, who manages Dash Core Group’s trade expansion strategy. Additionally, the two firms will collaborate to spread instructional material on bitcoin technology and regulatory issues. “Our cooperation with Coinpay introduces so many new individuals to Dash and cryptocurrency, and we’re happy,” Hamwi added.

Coinpay is assisting merchants outside of the marketplace in introducing Dash as a payment option. Dash Core Group will assist Coinpay and merchants in a variety of ways, including technical development, marketing, and business growth. “With the Dash relationship, we want to continue executing our mission of easing access to the digital economy, and we want our consumers to benefit directly from industry leaders in the crypto field, such as Dash,” commented Jorge Pasapera, Coinpay.cr Founder.

Dash is a favored means of payment for people that want high-speed, low-cost transactions due to its unique features such as the exclusive InstantSend. Dash is already extensively utilized for remittances and everyday spending across Latin America. It is the most widely used cryptocurrency for payment in Venezuela, where cryptocurrency is particularly crucial owing to the Venezuelan Bolvar’s hyperinflation. Dash may be spent at over 155,000 prominent retail outlets in the United States using the DashDirect app.

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