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DashDirect App Unveiled for Spending DASH Crypto at US Retailers

For the US consumers, Dash has unveiled DashDirect, an app that facilitates users to pay for goods and services with their DASH holdings. Dash said on Tuesday that the innovative customer-centered app will provide customers up to a 12% discount on transactions.

Mashall Greenwald, DashDirect Founder and CEO of CrayPay, explained the rewards and discount features: “An instant discount of up to 12% is offered once a user inputs the precise value of purchase in the app,” says the company, further stating:

As per the press release, customers will be able to shop with Dash at places including Best Buy, Staples, Chipotle, and Home Depot, among many others. Though the initial launch of DashDirect is limited to the United States, Greenwald claims that appetite for the product exists in a number of other nations. Greenwald continued, “We’ll need to diversify our merchant infrastructure to encompass vendors in every given location, as well as provide localized currency exchange and language options.”

Greenwald further noted that DashDirect is non-custodial, which means that users have total control of their Dash tokens while utilizing the service. The platform, as per the DashDirect CEO, uses Dash’s payment technology to provide cost effective, fast payment capabilities, which is necessary for crypto-powered microtransactions.

According to reports, the app would have a tipping option as well as a dashboard for the community to manage their expenditures and balances. DashDirect is also a sign of Dash’s efforts to establish itself as a payment-centered cryptocurrency. Its DashPay smartphone wallet software entered the testnet stage in January.

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