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Daz 3D to Act as Technical Partner of RTFKT For CloneX NFT Avatars

Today, Daz 3D, a pioneer in 3D digital art, and 3D Software announced a cooperation with RTFKT Studios (pronounced “artifact”) to develop three-dimensional avatars in the NFT sector, using RTFKT’s innovative CloneX avatars. Daz 3D is a leader in 3D digital art, and 3D Software is a leader in 3D software.

RTFKT has licenced Daz 3D’s PFP Utility Kit for use in the CloneX collection, which is a first-of-its-kind technology tool kit of portable 3D avatars suitable for use in gaming, videos, social media, and other settings both inside and outside the metaverse. Daz 3D is providing its PFP Utility Kit to RTFKT for use in the CloneX collection.

To this end, Daz 3D offers a 3D marketplace as well as a free software suite that contains content that can be imported into other major 3D software programmes. This allows 3D artists and designers to create their own high-resolution 3-dimensional stills and animations while simultaneously creating professional-quality 3-dimensional scenes. Daz Studio users generate more than 20 million pictures and animations every year using Daz 3D products, according to the company.

With more than 4 million downloads, Daz continues to be a driving force behind initiatives to keep digital identity and expression at the forefront of technology. With the latest in gaming engines, near field communication (NFT), blockchain authentication, and augmented reality technology, RTFKT Studios (pronounced “artefact”) creates one-of-a-kind footwear and digital artefacts that are sold only via the company’s website.

RTFKT is well-known for its viral sneaker designs, memes, and collector exclusives, and the company has maintained a reputation for being more than a bit ahead of the curve when it comes to technological innovation. “As we were developing our own long-term NFT strategy, we started throwing ideas around with RTFKT, and the two organisations quickly evolved into an organic and evident cooperation.”

“RTFKT has a distinct vision for 3D assets that is unlike anybody else’s. It is the goal of the new CloneX avatars to build a collection that will allow their owners to take them anywhere they want—into movies and video games, into animation, and much more, in whichever metaverse they want” James Thornton, the CEO of Daz 3D, expressed his views.

“RTFKT is driving the NFT trend ahead with its CloneX product, which combines creativity and innovation. Its mission and objectives are exactly aligned with ours, which is why we are thrilled to be able to assist RTFKT with the superior technology of Daz 3D’s PFP Utility Kit.”

The RTFKT CloneX avatar is the first of what the business hopes will be a large ecosystem of high-end, metaverse-ready PFP (profile photo) avatars that it will provide in the future. The inaugural CloneX offering will consist of 20,000 avatars, with 10,000 being made available solely to existing RTFKT NFT collectors in a 48-hour pre-sale and a second 10,000 being made accessible to the general public later this month in a second pre-sale.

“Instead of imagining unachievable solutions for the Metaverse, we will develop and execute the greatest peek of the metaverse experience possible with just the resources and talents available to us today. Our collectors and artists wanted to express themselves in new ways with their Avatars, and we believed Daz3D was the perfect team to collaborate with to move that vision forward and provide never seen before utilities for our collectors and creators. In a dream partnership, we aim to inspire people to envision where the future is going” RTFKT studios’ co-founders, Benoit Pagotto and Chris Le, shared their thoughts.

Through the use of open source bridges, Daz 3D’s patented 3D technology allows for the construction of a diverse variety of character technologies and body forms, as well as clothes that can shift dynamically between characters and body kinds. Daz 3D is the most widely used 3D figure platform in the world, and it is used by a large community of online talent makers as well.

It also enables professional artists to create assets that can be sold on the market. In the near year, RTFKT and Daz 3D expect to collaborate on other projects that will make use of the capabilities of Daz Studio for usage in NFTs.

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