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Market NewsDecember 4, 2021 by Kelly Cromley

Decentralized Exchange Enedex Launches Energy Futures Trading

ENEDEX, a cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) for energy trading and a platform for the tokenization of renewable energy products, has announced the successful launch of the energy trading of the future. ENEDEX began operations on November 30, 2021.

The Enedex Launches Energy Futures Trading“>ENEDEX team is comprised of industry experts with a combined 35 years of expertise in energy trading, strategy, senior management, investments, engineering, entrepreneurship, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain. The team is working together to build and define the energy industry’s future, as well as to enhance the planet’s future.

“Energy is the most recent asset class to embrace the DeFi concept. ENEDEX ushers in a new era of energy trading by ushering in a censorship-resistant and transparent cosmos with universal access for everyone” ENEDEX’s CEO said. “It is difficult for the common individual to trade or engage in energy assets on a modest scale. Tokenization of energy assets eliminates entry obstacles associated with market access, regional restrictions, high transaction costs, and liquidity limits.”

ENEDEX Launchpad is a forum for entrepreneurs to build innovative energy initiatives that accelerate the energy transition while also promoting environmental sustainability. ENEDEX facilitates the tokenization of real-world assets and the subsequent exposure of investors and traders to such assets. This novel concept enables everyone with an internet connection to participate in energy markets on an equal footing.

The ENEDEX team assessed the exchange’s environmental effect. Due to the present dominance of inefficient ecosystems in the crypto and DeFi marketplaces, ENEDEX denied employing a Proof of Work-based blockchain environment due to the enormous energy consumption required.

Rather than that, ENEDEX is using cross-chain technology, beginning with the Polkadot Moonbeam parachain, to provide a smooth experience to users while reducing transaction costs and contributing to a greener, cleaner planet.

The ENE Token’s entire supply is restricted at ENE. Tokens that remain unsold will be burned. Staking options become available in December 2021, providing for a higher annual percentage yield and annual percentage rate.

ENEDEX is also implementing an NFT collecting connection to EUA emissions permit certificates in addition to the DEX exchange. NASDAQ reports that “A European Union Allowance (EUA) is the official designation for Europe’s emission allowances, which were specified in 2008 as the EU’s official Kyoto allowance. One EUA permits the holder to release one tonne of carbon dioxide or carbon-equivalent greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.”

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