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Decentralized Television Network Script Unveils Blockchain Powered Watch-to-Earn Plan

The Script Network (SCPT) is a decentralized television network and ecosystem that utilizes blockchain technology and watch-to-earn mechanisms. It aims to compete with the biggest streaming services globally and enhance the TV experience for studios, content proprietors, and consumers worldwide. The Script Network (SCPT) is established on the Script blockchain and offers a range of exclusive solutions for the film and television sectors, including Script Video NFTs, Script Television, and decentralized applications (dApps) that operate on the blockchain.

The main commodity of the ecosystem is Script Television, which provides a wide range of programming options, such as documentaries, sports, movies, and other genres, totaling over 30 channels. Abiel A, who is one of the co-founders of Script Network, has conveyed his enthusiasm regarding the matter. According to him, Script Network has the potential to bring about a significant change in the media industry by merging television, cinema, and blockchain technologies. This, in turn, will offer an unmatched experience to both creators and viewers. Our platform provides users with a versatile environment that fosters involvement and acknowledges active involvement. We are confident that Script Network will establish a significant presence in the cryptocurrency market as it continues to develop, and will be recognized as one of the leading players, alongside established market leaders such as Binance Coin and Ethereum.

Furthermore, a spokesperson from Script Network provided further details regarding the current pre-sale, which is set to end on March 7th, 2023. In the preliminary sale phase, a total of 15.8 million tokens have been vented out of the overall supply of 70.2 million tokens. In the public round, every token is priced at $0.00947, without any vesting duration, and can be exchanged at the TGE. ScriptGLASS is a creative platform that provides a collection of NFTs that can be traded and upgraded, representing another innovative network solution. ScriptGLASS NFT proprietors have the capability to enhance their attributes, which results in an improved viewing experience and an increase in their rewards.

Script Network (SCPT) users have the opportunity to receive SPAY tokens as rewards both on and off the blockchain by simply watching television. The network comprises of SCPT, the authorized governance token, that empowers holders to engage in the decision-making procedures that drive growth. Script Network (SCPT) aims to transform the television experience for cryptocurrency users globally by leveraging its advanced functionalities and decentralized technology. This innovative network has the potential to transform the television and film sectors, and its value may soon be comparable to that of Binance Coin (BNB) and Ethereum (ETH).

As per the Script network’s plan, it is scheduled to launch a preliminary edition of its mobile application for iOS and Android gadgets. This will be succeeded by the assimilation of a comprehensive real-time communication feature and the introduction of live NFT procurement that is centered on content. Furthermore, Script TV intends to expand its range by incorporating three additional live channels into its programming. Furthermore, the company’s Q3 2023 roadmap pledges an extensive and adaptable user experience, alongside the launch of the Script NFT video marketplace and dStorage service.

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