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Delabs and Galxe Forge Strategic Alliance for Web3 Game Promotion

Delabs, the web3-focused division of the prominent South Korean game development company 4:33 Creative Lab, has officially unveiled a strategic partnership with Galxe, a leading platform specializing in the creation of Web3 communities.


Coordinated Marketing Initiatives for Rumble Racing Star


In an announcement today, Delabs and Galxe revealed their collaborative efforts aimed at showcasing Rumble Racing Star, a web3 kart racing game set to launch its highly-anticipated Open Beta Test (OBT) in November. The partnership entails a series of co-marketing initiatives, harnessing Galxe’s platform and extensive user base. The focus will be on brand promotion and the coordination of community events designed to attract and engage users following Rumble Racing Star’s OBT.


Leveraging Galxe’s Extensive Reach in the Web3 Space


Galxe, boasting more than 13 million unique users globally, is a well-established name in the Web3 domain. The company has been instrumental in the substantial growth of platforms like Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, and has facilitated over 40,000 campaigns with trusted partners, accumulating over 8 million visitors per month.


Delabs’ Vision for Web3 Gaming Expansion


Delabs, under the leadership of former Nexon CEO Joonmo Kwon, is gearing up for the imminent launch of Rumble Racing Star, the company’s first web3 game. Alongside this venture, Delabs has two other games currently in development, namely Space Frontier and MetaBolts. The partnership with Galxe is viewed as mutually beneficial by Delabs, positioning Rumble Racing Star for a successful OBT and long-term prosperity.


A Step Towards Global Engagement


Joonmo Kwon, CEO of Delabs, highlighted the significance of the partnership, stating that the collaboration with Galxe would enable Rumble Racing Star to engage a broader global audience. He emphasized the contribution of the partnership towards establishing an open and cooperative credential data network, enhancing Rumble Racing Star’s ability to interact with communities and develop robust Web3 communities.


Galxe’s Perspective on Dynamic Community Experience


Charles Wayn, Co-Founder of Galxe, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating that Galxe is thrilled to collaborate with Delabs. He emphasized that the collaboration goes beyond marketing, aiming to create a dynamic community experience that resonates with users worldwide and sets a new benchmark for possibilities in the gaming space.


In summary, the strategic partnership between Delabs and Galxe marks a significant development in the promotion of Rumble Racing Star. With the combined efforts of both entities, the collaboration aims to not only elevate the visibility of the web3 game but also create an immersive community experience that transcends traditional gaming boundaries.

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