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DeNA Launches Innovative Blockchain-Powered Quiz Game, Trivia.Tech

DeNA, a prominent player in the gaming and sports-related industries, unveiled its latest venture, “,” on the 15th. This multiplayer quick-click quiz game utilizes blockchain technology, specifically the Ethereum (ETH) L2 solution “Base,” endorsed by leading American crypto asset exchange Coinbase. DeNA envisions creating novel services and environments, harnessing blockchain’s potential to offer unique experiences to a broad audience.

Leveraging Ethereum’s L2 Solution “Base”

DeNA initiated the provision of “,” a side-by-side multiplayer Web3 quiz game. Participants engage in a 26-question Web3-themed quiz with four choices, rapidly selecting answers from A to Z. The player who correctly answers among the connected participants earns a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) featuring alphabet letters. This NFT issuance and acquisition process signifies a distinctive aspect of the game, tapping into the evolving blockchain landscape.

Insights from Masaaki Taira, LDP Digital Society Promotion Headquarters Member

In an interview discussing “NFT as a National Development Strategy,” Masaaki Taira, a member of the Liberal Democratic Party Digital Society Promotion Headquarters, highlights the significance of NFTs. DeNA’s service, slated to run until the end of February, could conclude prematurely if the game garners 100 completions before the specified date. This ambitious approach aligns with the broader vision of integrating NFTs into national development strategies.

Trivia.Tech’s Accessibility and User Engagement

The game operates as a mobile web app, accessible via technologies like MetaMask, simplifying the user login process. Known as “Progressive Web Apps,” this technology allows web applications to mimic the functionality of smartphone applications. Social media witnessed a swift influx of videos depicting users engaging with Trivia.Tech. In the initial six hours post-launch, 60 out of 100 players successfully cleared the game, attracting a substantial player base of 28,000. Noteworthy collaborations with Aster Network (ASTR), INTMAX, Polygon (MATIC), and World Coin (WLD) underscore the game’s appeal and potential.


DeNA’s Strategic Vision

DeNA affirms its commitment to developing subsequent games utilizing NFTs generated by Trivia.Tech. The company emphasizes its dedication to meeting user needs and tailoring services accordingly. With an ongoing focus on creating Web3 services and environments, DeNA anticipates critical contributions from platforms like in promoting widespread adoption of Web3.


“Japanese Version” and Future Launch of an English Version

Anticipating global outreach, DeNA plans to collaborate with business partners driving Web3 popularity. The official X account notes the current version as a “Japanese version,” with plans for an English version launch in the future. This strategic move aligns with DeNA’s vision of coexisting and co-prospering with international entities advancing Web3 initiatives.


As DeNA pioneers the integration of blockchain into the gaming landscape with, it not only introduces a novel gaming experience but also sets the stage for a broader exploration of Web3 possibilities. The success of Trivia.Tech’s initial release and its future endeavors underscore DeNA’s strategic foresight in navigating the evolving landscape of blockchain-powered gaming.

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