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Market NewsJanuary 10, 2024 by Kelly Cromley

Deutsche Börse Successfully Acquires FundsDLT, Enhancing Decentralized Fund Issuance

Global market infrastructure provider Deutsche Börse has confirmed the successful acquisition of FundsDLT, a decentralized platform for end-to-end fund issuance and marketing based on distributed ledger technology (DLT). This acquisition, which received approval from the Luxembourg financial regulator Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), positions Deutsche Börse Group as the sole owner of FundsDLT.

Regulatory Approval and Ownership:

The completion of the acquisition marks a significant milestone for Deutsche Börse Group, solidifying its ownership of 100 percent of FundsDLT. The Luxembourg CSSF has granted its approval, paving the way for the integration of FundsDLT into the Clearstream Fund Services business segment. Despite its affiliation with Clearstream, FundsDLT will operate independently, maintaining its legal identity and accreditation with the CSSF.

Key Shareholders and Ongoing Commitment:

Former shareholders Credit Suisse Asset Management and UBS Asset Management, along with Natixis Investment Managers, continue to demonstrate their commitment as customers, actively supporting Clearstream in advancing use case development. This collaborative effort reinforces the strategic synergy between the stakeholders and emphasizes a shared vision for the future of decentralized fund issuance.

Deutsche Börse Group’s Commitment to Market Transparency:

As an international stock exchange organization and a trailblazing market infrastructure provider, Deutsche Börse Group upholds its commitment to transparent, reliable, and stable capital markets. With a global presence and over 13,000 employees worldwide, the company operates at the forefront of financial centers, including Frankfurt/Rhine-Main, Luxembourg, Prague, Cork, London, Copenhagen, New York, Chicago, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo, and Sydney.

Clearstream Fund Services Segment Overview:

Clearstream, known for its innovation and trust in the global post-trading business, incorporates FundsDLT into its Fund Services segment. This segment offers comprehensive solutions across three distinct product lines:

Vestima: Recognized as the world’s largest fund processing platform, Vestima seamlessly integrates order execution, settlement, and custody for over 230,000 funds, ensuring the highest level of asset security across more than 50 fund markets globally.

Fund Centre: Positioned as one of Europe’s leading platforms for fund distribution, Fund Centre facilitates connections between international asset managers, fund houses, and distribution partners. It provides access to an extensive selection of over 80,000 funds.

Kneip: As one of Europe’s premier fund data providers, Kneip specializes in offering top-tier solutions for fund data management and reporting within the asset management industry.

Deutsche Börse Group’s Global Influence:

Clearstream operates under the umbrella of Deutsche Börse Group, further solidifying the organization’s position as an international stock exchange and provider of innovative market infrastructures. The successful acquisition of FundsDLT aligns with Deutsche Börse Group’s broader strategy to enhance its offerings and contribute to the evolution of decentralized financial ecosystems.

In conclusion, Deutsche Börse Group’s acquisition of FundsDLT not only signifies a successful business transaction but also underscores the organization’s dedication to advancing decentralized technologies in the financial landscape. The collaboration with committed stakeholders positions Clearstream as a key player in shaping the future of decentralized fund issuance and market innovation.







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