DHedge Deploys V2 Platform on Polygon, with SushiSwap Integration August 2, 2021 August 2, 2021 Kelly Cromley http://1AZFjzw2#Nwf63pYaMWq#xIY
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DHedge Deploys V2 Platform on Polygon, with SushiSwap Integration

dHEDGE, a decentralized asset management covenant, has begun its Polygon V2 installation. SushiSwap, a famous decentralized exchange, is also included into the software application. Henrik Andersson of dHEDGE spoke exclusively to Cointelegraph about v2’s new Guarded Open Access Transactions (GOAT) system, which allows v2 consumers to connect whitelisted DeFi DApps that have been approved by the dHEDGE decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Andersson stressed that the GOAT architecture will substantially accelerate dHEDGE’s ability to deploy new integrations with third-party standards, saying, “It’s basically a generic foundation for us to provide compatibility for DApps.” We can utilize this architecture to whitelist DApps rather than needing to develop special plugins or interfaces to DApps.” The original edition of dHEDGE, which debuted in late 2020, only enabled money managers to gamble on assets supported by the Synthetix protocol.

v2’s GOAT architecture, on the other hand, lets fund managers to utilize the assets and resources of any dHEDGE DAO-approved Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-based framework, allowing asset managers to offer yield farming solutions to investors. SushiSwap’s Polygon-based decentralized exchange and yield farms will be supported by dHEDGE v2 when it launches. The dHEDGE DAO is presently looking at supporting additional mainstream DeFi protocols. Andersson mentioned that dHEDGE’s DAO is in the process of linking with Aave, stressing that the decentralized financial system would allow asset managers to borrow a wide range of assets for short selling.

He went on to say that dHEDGE intends to unveil its v2 platform on more EVM-compatible chains, naming Eth2, Optimism, and Arbitrum as potential candidates. Given the recent features, Andersson says the main goal behind dHEDGE v2 is to reduce gas prices, citing the high expenses involved with dealing via the protocol on Ethereum’s layer one.

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