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Digital Asset Collaborates With Cloud Software Giant VMware

Digital Asset has collaborated with leading cloud computing company VMware to incorporate the former’s open-sourced, smart contract programming language DAML with the latter’s blockchain platform. Earlier this week Digital Asset announced the DAML deployment in derivatives trading.

Michael DiPetrillo, Senior Director of Blockchain at VMware, anticipates that the initiative will supposedly “allow for broader reach and support as a combined offering.”

He further said “DAML has been proven to be one of the few smart contract languages capable of modeling truly complex workflows at scale. VMware is delighted to be working together on customer deployments to layer VMware Blockchain alongside DAML. Customers demand choice of language execution environments from their blockchain and DAML adds a truly robust and enterprise-focused language set to a blockchain platform with multi-language support.”

Regarding the partnership decision, Chris Clason, Director of Strategic Alliances at Digital Asset, said “VMware’s customers place significant value on security, privacy, uptime, and performance, which is aligned with the DAML value proposition.”

Dell subsidiary VMWare announced Project Concord, its first public blockchain venture, in August 2018. It was not really a total blockchain solution at that stage. There are many parts that make up a blockchain. One is the capacity to duplicate or reproduce data on several servers, requiring common ground among servers.

Established in 1998, VMware posted revenues of almost $9 billion last year. The company is mainly recognised for the hypervisors that operate virtual machines, which are hardware, software or firmware. In addition to other products, VMware also provides desktop, server and cloud management software.

VMWare has developed a consensus algorithm called SBFT, which claims to operate without any issues for 100 servers easily. Some business blockchain approaches for consensus function best on a modest number of machines, mostly under 20. It opened the SBFT deployment as of August and planned to incorporate the Ethereum Virtual Machine and smart contracts in Project Concord.

The news release implies that future customers will be able to select smart contracting language DAML or Ethereum Solidity. Digital Asset disclosed the development of a unique tool in partnership with the International Swaps and Derivatives Association to facilitate the utilization of smart contracts for derivatives trading. Digital Asset stated that it will permit greater mechanization of derivatives trade administration through the use of DAML programming language.

Earlier in April, Digital Asset introduced open source DAML that was developed back in 2016 and supposedly optimized for applying in private executions. Beginning April 4, the source code for the DAML language is freely accessible under the Apache 2.0 open source license.

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