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Digital Securities Compliance Platform Raises $12.75mln

Securitize declared a $12.75 million financing round headed by Blockchain Capital. Coinbase Ventures, NXTP, Ok Blockchain Capital, Global Brain and Xpring at Ripple are other investors. Brad Stephens from Blockchain Capital is also roped as one of the Board of Directors of Securitize.

Securitize said that Global Brain, a Tokyo – based VC company, will back Securitize in Asia in business improvement and marketing. NXTP, Latin America’s top fund, will offer assistance to expand the company in the region. Other strategic investors of Securitize include previous Managing Director and blockchain professor of the World Economic Forum, Donna Redel, and former KKR accomplice and crypto expert John Pfeffer.

Securitize is a compliance stage for distributing and overseeing regulatory compliant digital securities on the blockchain. The Series A funding round arrives ahead of Securitize’s plans to unveil a “Digital Security Offering” (DSO) in 2019.

Carlos Domingo, co-founder and CEO of Securitize, said he was excited to bring together such an experienced and trusted group of partners:

Commenting on the investing partners, Domingo said “Not only will they provide support for Securitize as we continue to execute at the highest level of our industry, but they will also be instrumental as we prepare to tokenize Securitize for our Digital Securities Offering.”

Since the world of initial coin offering has darkened, there’s a new development for security token offerings; effectively securities issued using blockchain innovation as digital assets. A few promoters gauge that the market for digital assets is worth billions of dollars. Stephens said that the real – time compliance system of Securitize unraveled a basic need for the BCAP security token.

Stephens said “I am excited to be both a client and an investor, and help them lead the emergence of the security token industry.”

Ethan Beard, SVP, Xpring, called Securitize an extraordinary group that’s focusing on a blockchain sector that’s of interest to his firm. Yasuhiko Yurimoto, CEO of Global Brain, said he anticipated Securitize to play a key part in the advancement of the security token marketplace.

Digital securities backed by the Securitize Digital Securities Protocol were effectively exchanged on AirSwap and the OpenFinance Network in a compliant way earlier this month. Other marketplaces such as Tzero, SharesPost, Blocktrade, Hyperion and more have declared their aimto bolster the DS protocol of Securitize.

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