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Discontinued Blockchain Game Projects and Changing Landscape of Major Chains

In a comprehensive review of the Big Blockchain Game List, which tracks the development and status of blockchain games, an assessment of the first half of 2023 indicates a significant number of games that have been discontinued. A total of 158 blockchain games ceased development during this period, resulting in a cumulative count of 248 games removed from the list due to discontinuation.

Among the various blockchain platforms, BNB emerged as the chain with the highest number of game failures, accounting for 39 titles. Polygon and Ethereum followed closely, with 26 and 27 games discontinued respectively. It is worth noting that many of the games previously associated with Ethereum have transitioned to other EVM chains, exemplified by the well-known move of Champions Ascension from Ethereum to Polygon.

Solana experienced a loss of 24 games, which can be attributed to prevailing market conditions. Analyzing the blockchain platforms with the highest game count, the trend indicates a shift in rankings, with Polygon surpassing BNB to claim the top spot. Currently, Polygon hosts 98 games, constituting 12% of the total, while BNB trails behind with 80 games, making up 10%.

Ethereum ranks third with a 10% share, followed by Solana at 6% and IMX at 5%. Notably, Solana’s market share has declined from 10% in November 2022 to 6%, while IMX has experienced an increase from 3%. A notable beneficiary in this evolving landscape is the category of Multichain games, encompassing games deployed on one or more chains, which currently holds a significant market share of 17%.

As the year progresses, the blockchain game industry continues to witness both successes and setbacks, with several platforms adapting and exploring new opportunities to establish a strong foothold in this dynamic and ever-evolving market.

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