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DISH to Capitalize on Helium Network’s Blockchain Protocol

To promote open source and low-cost wireless connection ecosystems, DISH Network Corporation (NASDAQ: DISH) has partnered with Helium Inc., a pioneer in decentralized unlicensed radio networks and a pioneer in decentralized unlicensed radio networks.

Customers that install their own 5G CBRS-based hotspots will be rewarded via the Helium Network’s innovative blockchain-based incentive scheme, which will be implemented by DISH as the first major carrier in the world.

Helium, co-founded by Shawn Fanning and Amir Haleem in 2013, is constructing the world’s first decentralized wireless network to ease connecting devices to the Internet by rewarding anybody who wants to become a network operator. Helium is headquartered in San Francisco, California. DISH Network Corporation is a firm that provides connection services.

Since 1980, it has been a disruptive force in the marketplace, promoting innovation and value on behalf of customers. The Helium Network is a consumer-installed, decentralized wireless infrastructure that creates and distributes data-forwarding hotspots.

It is currently in beta testing. By placing a hotspot in his or her home or workplace, a client may supply and/or improve 5G wireless coverage by using the CBRS spectrum available.

Customer awards will be in the form of $HNT, a Helium network-based coin, in exchange for their participation. The Helium Network, which is powered by the company’s blockchain, is establishing a new wireless economy via the use of a groundbreaking economic model known as the burn-and-mint equilibrium (BNM).

DISH Network is not a newcomer to the realm of blockchain technology. Upon taking Bitcoin in 2014, it became the world’s biggest firm to do so, as well as the world’s first subscription-based television service to take bitcoin. In 2018, the firm moved on to include Bitcoin Cash as a payment option, and the following year, GoChain added DISH as a signature node to its public network, making it the first blockchain to do so.

Also disclosed was a cooperation deal between DISH Network and Input Output Global, the technology firm that created the Cardano blockchain, to develop a range of blockchain-based services together in the future.

In a statement, Chris Ergen, head of the DISH Office of Innovation, said, “Blockchain technologies hold tremendous potential for the wireless industry, and Helium is among the leading innovators who have demonstrated that the blockchain incentive works by building the largest decentralized, unlicensed wireless network across the United States.”

While DISH is constructing its 5G facilities-based network, the company will continue to seek for breakthrough technologies and business models that complement or enhance the company’s wireless operations. More than 240,000 LoRA-based hotspots in 21,000 cities spanning North America, Europe, and Asia now make up the Helium decentralized wireless network’s reach, which has developed quickly in recent years.

More than 500,000 more hotspots are presently on backorder, and more than 50 new manufacturers are awaiting approval to design and market Helium-compatible gear, according to the company. According to Amir Haleem, Helium Network’s CEO and co-founder, “DISH is a pioneer in providing an entirely new method to link people and things” by using the technology and blockchain-based incentive model developed by Helium Network.

According to the company, “The CBRS-based 5G hotspots will be installed by customers, generating possibilities for users, partners, and the whole ecosystem.”

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