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Dogecoin Unveils Fresh Update to Enhance Safety and Efficiency

The developers behind the Dogecoin (DOGE) project have released an updated version of the core software. This update improves the system’s user interface, as well as its level of security and speed.

Dogecoin Core 1.14.6, the most current update, went live early Thursday morning. All members of the network were strongly advised to upgrade to the most recent version after the release of this update. The newly released version has a number of new features, as well as a variety of improvements to the existing price structure and security protocols.

The “breaking changes” also include modifications to the configuration of the wallet backup directory as well as an increase in the maximum number of addnode records. The maximum number of addnodes, which has been set at 800, has been restricted. The dust restrictions for all members of the network have been reduced from 1 DOGE to 0.01 DOGE as a result of the upgrade, which includes a significant modification to the charge mechanism used by DOGE.

The paper hosted on GitHub claims that enhancements have been made to the memory management of the network in order to better handle congestion. In addition to this, the report reveals that the network will now reject packets that have been corrupted. In a document hosted on GitHub, Patrick Lodder, a developer working on the Dogecoin Core project, stated:

This is a new minor version release that incorporates important updates to enhance network security as well as tweaks to improve network speed. It is strongly recommended that everyone who uses Dogecoin Core, including miners, services, relay operators, and wallet users, upgrade their software.”

After receiving the news, members of the Doge Army were overjoyed, and “Doge father” Elon Musk responded by tweeting, “Upgrades!” The announcement was made on Twitter by Billy Markus, who is also the creator of Dogecoin. He included the phrase “new version of dogecoin core released.

The change comes after a recent surge of positive sentiment within the Dogecoin community. This surge of positivity was spurred by the introduction of memes to the Dogeverse, which in turn caused a rise in network activity. On Wednesday, the network completed more than 80,000 transactions in a single day for the first time since May 2021. This occurred as Whales continued to demonstrate an interest in the cryptocurrency.

The dog meme coin has a good deal of support from the most prominent whales on Binance. The network has experienced a considerable rise in the number of transactions with a value more than one hundred thousand dollars during the most recent market boom.

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